“Goal Butterfingers” by Khyrunnisa A.

Mrs. Khyrunnisa. A, the prize winning author, created the famous character ‘butterfingers’.  She works as Associate Professor in English at All Saints College. Her first children’s novel is ‘Howzzat’. ’Butterfingers and Goal Butterfingers’! is the second book in the Butterfinger series.  Amar Kisen, also known as butterfingers, was a master for dropping things. He was studying at Green Park boy’s school. He was also a great fan of football. The story starts when in the world cup finals Amar’s favorite team, Spain wins. He comes up with a brilliant idea. The idea was to conduct a football tournament in the school. Each class will represent different countries. Will Princi allow him to conduct the tournament? To know what happened you have to read chapter “Amar has a great idea”. Like all other Butterfinger plans, this idea also faced some problems. The more number of girls and the English Teacher in the school who don’t allow practicing football were the main problem creators. Amar and his friends rally to prevent a pesticide factory. Will Amar and his friend’s rally help in banning the factory? Who will win the tournament? Will Amar’s team win, with him as a  goalie?  It’s a very interesting book.

I give this book ratings 5/5 stars.

Reviewed by Neeraja Unnikrishnan


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