“Shopaholic and Sister” by Sophie Kinsella

This book is about a girl, Becky bloomwood, who is the only child of her parent, and is married to Luke Brandon, a businessman who works at Arcodas group. At the beginning of the book, she is with her husband on honeymoon around the world. Then they decide to go back home in England. Becky lives an expensive life. When they were at Milan, she bought an angel bag, which is a rare edition worth two thousand dollar. With the help of a man called Nathan Temple, she got the bag without being at the waiting list. Her husband didn’t know it. When they return to England, her parents were shocked to see her and were hiding something from her. She was surprised to see them hiding away from her. Next day she went to attend the christening of her best friend’s twins, Susan commonly known as Suze. There she realizes that Suze has another friend, Lulu. From their first meeting Becky and Lulu dislikes each other. When Becky and Luke were on honeymoon she bought a lot of things like furniture, decorations etc. There were two trucks of things and Luke got angry with her. Luke asks her to sort things out. She secretly sells some of the things in eBay and accidentally sells Luke’s 20 tiffany clocks and he becomes angry with her.At that time Becky’s parents comes with news, and they didn’t wanted to tell it before because they wanted her to settle or else she will be shocked. They tells her that she has a half sister from a previous relationship of her father’s. her name is Jessica, commonly Jess. Becky always wanted a sister.  She becomes excited and imagines going shopping together, enjoying girls night in and having a new best friend to replace Suze. When she meets Jess for the first time, she becomes very disappointed that her new sister is a skinflint and hates shopping. Jess and Becky suffer a falling out when they realize they have nothing in common. She also suffers one with Luke when he discovers that she had arranged a meeting for him to see Nathan Temple whom he’s not happy about seeing and the fact Becky had gotten an Angel handbag. Both spend a few days arguing as he reveals that he thinks Jess is more helpful than she is because he’s been trying to win over Arcodas. They had an argue and he goes to Cyprus without her. After that when Becky and Jess were talking Jess mentions her rock collection and Becky laugh and taunt her for being boring in collecting rocks. This hurts her and quarrel each other.  After some days she realizes her mistake and decides to meet Jess and learn from her. When she goes there, Jess asks her to go back to London. But she didn’t go back. She meets Jess’s neighbor and shopkeeper, Jim and tells everything with him. He shows compassion and let Becky stay at his friend’s hostel. Jess didn’t talk to her. When she decides to go back, Jim advised her to attend the environmental meeting with them. At the meeting, Jess talks to Becky alone that they didn’t conduct the DNA test. She says that they might not be related and Becky becomes heartbroken by this. She go back to the hostel and packs her bag to go back. At that time Robin and some other environmental workers meets her and they doesn’t want her to go. She says she have to go and asks Jim to do a favor in delivering a necklace she bought for Jess. He asks her to come along to deliver it to her house. On their way she says that Jess is boring and passionless. Jim decides to show her that she was wrong about Jess.

Jim takes her to her house and shows her real passion in a cupboard which is as same as her shoe cupboard. It contains rocks ranging from normal rocks to rare rocks. She also realizes that they have something in common. As Jim was telling the story, she felt guilty that she told Jess that her rock collection was boring. Jess was on a mountain climb that day and Becky decides to go meet her and apologize her.  But she was not in a proper dress and the weather was not good also. She finds her and Jess was surprised to see her. She asks her not to come forward because the place were very dangerous but she took a step forward and fell so hard that she broke her ankle. Jess takes care of her and shares their hobbies each other. Then she gives Jess the silver bean tiffany necklace and she loves it and Becky finally saw her real weakness aside collecting rocks. The book concludes as Becky and Suze helps Jess conduct a protest against a new shopping mall (which turns out to be Luke’s new client). She later discovers that she is not only pregnant, but also the public had been misinformed by Robin when Luke explains that the Arcodas Group had no intentions of building a shopping mall in a wildlife area that is protected and instead has been planning to restore an old building.

I rate this book 4 on 5. I recommend this book to all.

Reviewed by Suryasree


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