“Good Idea, Amelia Jane” by Enid Blyton

Amelia Jane is book series by Enid Blyton who was one of the most successful English storytellers of 20th century. According to Blyton’s daughter Gillian the main character was based on a large handmade doll given to her by her mother on her third birthday.

The setting of the story is a playroom. Amelia Jane, a big naughty doll and a variety of toys live here. Amelia tries to be funny and ends up with some naughtiness which creates an annoyance for other toys. The story moves through Amelia’s disobedience, the impact of it on the toys and the way they react to it.                                                                                       
The style of writing is uncomplicated and so is effortless to understand. The thing we eagerly wait to know is whether Amelia turns out to be good or not. Other characters too play an important role in the story adding up humour to the story. The remark is that there is lag at certain sections.                     

Altogether the book is worth reading and shall be suggested to anyone who enjoys fun and laughter. I am contented with the story and so rate it 3 1/2 stars on 5 taking into consideration its remark.

Reviewed by Jinsy J S

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