“The Phoenix and the Carpet”by E. Nesbit

“The Phoenix and the Carpet” is a charming tale of mystery, adventure and fantasy as four siblings discover a magical carpet that comes with a beautiful talking bird, the Phoenix.  It is a classic adventure novel written by E. Nesbit and first published in 1904 by puffin classics. It is the middle in the three books   that begins with five children and it and concludes with the story of the amulet and follows the adventures of the same five children-Cyril, Anthea , Robert, Jane and the Lamb.

The story begins when the four siblings are setting off fire crackers inside their family nursery at guy Fawkes  night. This not surprisingly turns out to be rather hard on the nursery carpet, forcing the parents to buy a new one, which just happens to be a magical carpet, but also hiding a lovely egg.

Quite by accident, the children hatch the egg, revealing a golden Phoenix-the world’s most self centered, egotistical, vain, and silly bird. Phoenix introduces the children to the magical properties of their nursery carpet – it’s a flying carpet, of course – and they have adventures. They encounter the legendary magical creature, the Phoenix, as well as a magic carpet that grants three wishes per day. Then they all along with beautiful phoenix travel to a French castle, to a tropical island filled with copper-skinned natives, foil a burglar, arrange a marriage, change people’s disposition, and have to figure out how to get 199 Persian cats, 398 muskrats, a cow, and a policeman out of their house.

Their charming adventures not only entertain but teach them, and the reader, a few gentle lessons.  Of course, this being a Nesbit book, the magic gets them into trouble, and creates as many problems as it solves. In my opinion it is a magical mix of fantasy and fun, The Phoenix And The Carpet is an extraordinary journey for the whole family! This funny and warm-hearted story has withstood a century remarkable well and proves that children and the best sorts of magic never change.

The book has 12 chapters which are all thrilling one after another. The book is charming and full of humour. In any case it is a fabulous book to have on hand.

I really enjoyed this book. I rate this book 5 /5 and recommend it to all readers, especially to all the Nesbit fans.

Reviewed by Ashifa S. S.


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