“The Witches” by Roald Dahl

The person who transported us to the world of Willy Wonka, Danny, James, Matilda and many other amazing characters introduces us to yet another bunch of splendid characters in the book ‘The Witches’. In this book Roald Dahl takes us through the journey of a little boy and his Norwegian grandmother who believe that the witches are real. The little boy is the unnamed protagonist of the story. He is an orphan and had lost his parents at the age of seven. His Grandmother raised him after his parents demise. The boy loves his Grandmamma very much and describes her as the only Grandmother who smokes. According to him she was a wonderful storyteller. Each night she told him stories on various topics but her stories on witches interested him the most. He mentions in the beginning of the book, that he personally had two encounters with the witches. The boy and his Grandmamma moved to England according to the will written by his parents before their death so that he could continue his education. It was at England that he had his first encounter with a witch. It was a matter of seconds and his Grandmamma was the one who rescued him. When his summer vacations started, they planned of going to Norway. Everything was perfect but three weeks before their trip, his Grandmamma got pneumonia. She was cured but needed rest so they had to cancel their trip to Norway. The doctor advised that she needed some fresh air and so Grandmamma booked two rooms in Hotel Magnificent at Bournemouth. It was over here that he had his life changing experience with the witches. He gets transformed into a mouse by the leader of the witches, The Grand High Witch. The rest of the story is about the mouse turned boy and his Grandmamma plotting against the witches and how they attain success at the end.

The words used by Roald Dahl for expressing is very simple and can be easily understood. The book keeps us hooked to it. I recommend it to readers who are more interested in fiction. I rate the book 4.5 out of 5.

Reviewed by Gowri S.



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