“Heidi” by Johanna Sypri

I have read a book called Heidi written by Johanna Sypri. Heidi is a heart-warming  story of a young girl who brings joy wherever she goes. Her mother and father died at her young age and after the tragedy her aunt looked after her. But when her aunt had some urgent work she send Heidi to her grandfather.

Heidi’s grandfather lived in the Alps. There she had many friends and lived happily. But then her aunt came to take her  to a posh family where she has to give company to a child, Klara who is partially paralysed. When she reached there she got an opportunity to study. But she missed her Alps very much and longed to go back to her grandfather. Heidi started developing serious health issues and was send back to her grandfather.

But Klara was very sad and became lonely. She came to the Alps to visit her dearest friend. Her parents also hoped that she will be better than before when she goes there. Some interesting events followed which resulted in Klara over coming her illness.

I recommend this book to all those who like adventures and surprises.

Reviewed by Meghana A.R.


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