“Inheritance” by Christopher Paolini

Inheritance is the fourth book written by Christopher Paolini . After the victory of varden over Belatona Eragon,Arya,and Blödhgarm found a deathly sword which was created in the war between drogon centuries ago. After capturing Aroughs they headed for dras leona. Jeod found out a secret pathway and Eragon with others went through the tunnel but they where captured. After escaping Eragon opened the gates and varden took over the city. And later Nasuda was been kidnapped by Murtagh and took her to uru ‘baen. When Eragon realised that his power is not sufficient he remembered of the solembum’s words and after a great research Eragon and Saphira with Glaedr decided to go to Rock of Kuthian in the destroyed island Vroengard. They spoke their true name in the Rock of Kuthian  and they found that the dragon race is not completely destroyed. They found another dragon’s mind named Umarouth. And they found that their are eggs which Galbatorix doesn’t know. Eragon and Saphira returned to Uru’baen with five other dragon eldunaris. Eragon told his plan with Orik,Orrin,Arya,Islanzadi,Roran and Blödhgarm. And the next day while Roran with his soldiers were fighting the kingdom, Eragon with his dragon Saphira,Arya and Elva reached Galbatorix’ throne room. Galbatorix paralyses them and told that he had found the nam of ancient language. And later Eragon fought with Murtagh and he won. Then as they planed Arya killed shtuikan while Eragon spelt a powerful magic which made Galbatorix mad and after his death the citadel was nearly destroyed . After a great debate Nasuada was made the queen. Arya left for Du Weldenvarden as her mother was died and she was made the queen of elves. And a green egg which was found in the Galbatorix’s chamber hatched for Arya and she named it Fírnen. Then Arya told her true name to Eragon and he told his to her. Eragon told that he is leaving Algaesia for the future riders training. Arya told that they would be together in the given time. Eragon cast a spell so that Dwarf and Uragals could also be riders.

Inheritance is the last book of Inheritance cycle. The most favorite character is Eragon because he has the will power to fight for the need of all.

I read this book 3.5 out of 5.

Reviewed by Suryan S.


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