“Rebecca of Sunny Brook Farm” by Kate Douglas Wiggin

Kate Douglas Wiggin’s one of the most remarkable book is Rebecca of sunny brook farm. This book was first published in the year 1903.

The book Rebecca of sunny brook farm tells the story of Rebecca and her two aunts Miranda and Jane sawyer living in Riverboro. Rebecca is the eldest girl in her family.

Her family consist of nine members in which seven of them are children’s. Due to poverty, her mother is forced to send her to her aunt’s house so that at least she can lead a dignified life. She expresses her feeling through little poems and songs .Jane teaches Rebecca to cook sew and to manage house Rebecca had two best friends Emma, and Adam. She nicknamed Adam as Aladdin that is because he gifted a lamp to Rebecca and Emma. Rebecca is good in studies and in English so she started going to high school. When she grows up and became a young lady with a high talent to write. On those peculiar days her mother fell sick so she was addressed to go to her home. On those days when she was not with her aunts, one of her aunt Miranda dies and leaves the house for Rebecca. A railway company buy the sunny brook farm for the purpose of construction. And thus got them enough money. And at the end of the story it shows that she have enough money to became independent and to take the responsibility of the family.

Reviewed by J. Sauparnika chandran


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