“Romeo and Juliet” by William Shakespeare

My book review is on the book Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare. The story Romeo and Juliet is one of the most famous love stories. It’s about true love and sacrifice. William Shakespeare most likely wrote “Romeo and Juliet” between 1591 and 1596.  He wrote Romeo and Juliet because he was inspired by a poem titled “Romeus and Juliet” by Arthur Brooks. The story is in a town of Verona ruled by Prince Escalus. Romeo is the only son of lord Montague and Juliet is the only daughter of lord Capulet who had been enemies for generation. Romeo was a handsome and smart gentleman. He was rejected a girl named Rosaline. She played a small role in the story but she is the main reason Romeo and Juliet met and fall in love and decide to get marry secretly and married by Friar Laurence. On the weeding night Romeo kill Juliet’s brother to avenge his friend’s death and is banished by the prince for the deeds. Lord Capulet decide to marry her daughter to Paris first she disagrees the she accept her father’s proposal. Friar helps Juliet by providing a potion that would make everyone think she is dead. He also sends a message to Romeo about the plan so that they would escape and live together. Next day it was declared that Juliet was dead, will the plan work? Will Romeo and Juliet reunite again? Will Juliet be really dead? What will happen to Romeo? To know this you have to read this incredible book by William Shakespeare.

My favorite character is Friar Laurence who is always ready with a plan when it is needed and helps Romeo and Juliet to reunite. He also marries Romeo and Juliet in the hope to bring peace in Verona. I give this book 5 on 5 for the unexpected ending

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