“And The Mountains Echoed” by Khaled Hosseini

“A good read”, recommended a friend of mine. “If you liked The Kite Runner, you’ll like it too.” Khaled Hosseini managed to write a story, let me rephrase that; Khaled Hosseini managed to create a masterpiece with the help of simple, yet beautiful characters, with whom we can’t help but relate. Hosseini has woven a story, connecting history with life. Having read The Kite Runner, my expectations from this book were high, and I was happy that it was met with when I put the book down, a tear rolling down my cheek.  The book starts with a short yet haunting tale narrated skilfully which holds you tight and doesn’t let go of you until you turn the last page of the book. It proceeds to tell the story of Pari who is adopted against her brother’s wish by the wealthy Wahdati family. From there, the entire setting of the story changes from an old Afghan village to a posh, luxurious bungalow.  Pari, oblivious to the existence of her real family, is given a good upbringing.


The story then takes different turns, connecting the lives of various people who represent different parts of the same story.  Hosseini successfully takes us on a journey with the different narrators. It also explores love, relations, emotions and choices in life. It shows the phases of life through different people, which makes you wonder if we are all the same. He has not failed in provoking thoughts in the minds of his readers, evident from the 4/5 rating that the book has got worldwide. Me, I’d go with the same as it’s one of my personal favourites.

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