“City of Halves” by Lucy Inglis


City of halves written by Lucy inglis represents the present day London.This story is packed with the most mythological and interesting characters. lt starts off with a girl of sixteen named Lily who is an amazing hacker of systems and computers.She helps her father in solving most toughest cases. Following a small evidence,Lily meets Regan the guardian of the city who helped her from an attack of a two headed dog .In London the girls were disappearing and Regan and Lily both  works out to find them. Finally they finds Regan’s twin brother Ellis and Lily’s mother working for agency .Lily has a special blood group type “H”which is most wanted by the agency because her blood plasma allows them to transmit Eldritche qualities to humans. So, Lily is being followed by the agency and ultimately she finds the girls who were trapped by the agency.

One of the most inspiring character in this book is lily because she was very brave,innocent and curious. While on the other hand Regan is the most kind hearted,caring person who is ready to sacrifice his life for lily.

This book makes us more anxious ,fearful and imaginative in all respect. The most significant part of the book is the way the writer presented the scenes.

This book is a perfect treat for mystery lovers.l rate this book 4 out of 5.

Reviewed by Avani S. N.


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