“Inkdeath” by Cornelia Funke


Inkdeath is the third book of the Inkheart trilogy. Farid now works for Orpheus who has promised to bring Dustfinger back from the dead. The story continues about how the slowly decaying but immortal adderhaed is trying to capture Mo(The Bluejay as he is called) and make him restore the book. While the Adderhead’s Brother in law the Milksop rules Ombra. Meanwhile Orpheus who was changing the story,suceeds in calling a meeting with the robber in the graveyard to get the Bluejay to bring Dustfinger back to life, and die in the process. Mo agrees and summons the white women who take him to the realm of the dead where he meets Death who makes a bargain with him that Death will release Dustfinger and Mo from her grasp,as long as Mo finishes what he started, and write the three words in the White book, the book that made the Adderhead immortal.If he does not succeed Death will take him,Dustfinger and Meggie who was partially involved in the binding of the White book. Mo awakens in the mortal world bringing dustfinger with him.

They are inseparable, Dustfinger scarless and both fearless. The Piper kidnaps nearly all the children of Ombra and threatens to send them to the mines unless the Bluejay hands himself over to him.The Bluejay gives himself up and frees the children. He discovers that the Adderhead’s daughter Violante wishes to take his side. She manages to get him back safely to the robber’s camp, while keeping her alliance a secret. The robbers gather all the children and hide the in a cave the robbers found. The Milksop goes after them but Fenoglio saves them all by writing giant human nests up in the trees. While Mo,Violante,Dustfinger and Violante’s legion of child soldiers go to the castle in the lake where they wait for Adderhead to come with the white book. Orpheus has now put himself in the service of the Adderhead in the hope of joining the wining side. He is also plagued by visits from Mortola who still works for bringing her dead son Capricorn back from the dead. Mo and Dustfinger face problems. Dustfinger has to momentarily betray Mo because Brianna, his daughter is imprisoned. Dustfinger battles the Nightmare (A human being so evil that even the white women could not wash its soul) that was guarding Brianna and killed it. At this point Resa arrives in the form of a swift and saves Mo from going insane. Dustfinger reinstates their alliance. While Mo is recaptured, Resa and Dustfinger search unsuccessfully for the White Book. Mo is ordered to make another White book. Jacopo, VIolante’s betrays his grandfather, the Adderhead by giving the original White book to Bluejay (Mo),Thus killing the Adderhead.

The book is full of twists and turns. It is a fantastic story. My favourite character is Dustfinger, the master of fire. I rate this book 4.5 out of 5.

Reviewed by Meera Nair


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