” Black Beauty” by Anna Sewell


Black Beauty published in 1877 is an anthropomorphic novel, which traces the life and adventures of a horse named Black Beauty. The story of Black Beauty is a masterpiece by Anna Sewell, which has been read and reread by generations of avid book lovers. It is one of the few books that have received critical appreciation without losing its popular appeal.  The story of Black Beauty begins with a peaceful childhood under the care of a loving mother, followed by the joyful days of growing up. However, once out into wide world, he is ought to earn his living. In spite of all the troubles he has to go through , never once does he misbehave or curse, taking to heart his mother’s advice , to be good and gentle , to be in good spirits and not to kick or bite .Though it tells the story of a beautiful horse, the shades of human life are present throughout the whole story. The miseries and joys of human life are applicable to every life on earth. It is the circumstances and those around us that decide the direction of our life. This omnipresent message is what makes the novel endearing to all. Even though Anna Sewell plays with our emotions while telling her story but I think such instances are unavoidable in the message that she wants to convey.  This engrossing book is one of the best books I have ever read and I recommend it to all serious young readers.

Reviwed by Abhaumika Bijudith


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