“Secrets at Malory Towers” by Enid Blyton

I  read  the book  secrets  at  Malory  Towers  during  the  summer  vacation .It  is  an  adventures  book  which  has  fun  filled  stories  in  it. It contains 234 page and nine chapters in it.

This  story  tells about  a  girl  called  Felicity  who  is  the  head  of  her  school  Malory Towers   and  her  friend  Susan  Blake  who  is  the  assistant  head  of  the  school. The first chapter is ‘’on the train’’. It  is  about  how  they  went  back  to  their  school  after  their  summer  vacation. On  the  train  they  met  a  strange  girl  called  Alice Johnson. They  both  had  a  feeling  that  Alice  is  very  familiar  to  them  but  she  acted  as  she  had  never  been  to  that  school. They reached Malory towers back  and  most  of  the  students  Alice  as  a  familiar  student  but  even  then  she  acted  as  she  was   first  at  that  school. Alice was a very helping guy. She helped every on in that school. She was not very brilliant. The  next  incident  is  at  the  pool  where  one  of  the  child  named  Daffy  pushed  every  one  into  the  pool. Alice also fell in that pool. She  was  not  so  expert  in  swimming,  she  struggled  a  lot. After  that  incident  every  one  refused  to  be  friends  with  that  girl. For  creating  this  drama  she was  given  punishment  by  the  head  girl. The  punishment  was  that  she  was  not  allowed  to  go to  the picnic  for  that  year. But  she disallowed  that  and  went  for  the  picnic  without  anyone  noticing  it. There  many  mysterious  things  that  happened  at  Malory   towers  and  as  the  head  girl  Felicity  had  many  other  responsibilities  as  to  solve  these  problems.  At last after their exams   the mystery was solved  and  found  who  was  Alice. The rest is  about  all  the  pranks  they  had  done  in  school  and  how Felicity  solved  them. Their  were  amazing  punishment  for  Daffy  who  never  learns  a  lesson. It  was  end  of  the  term  and  it  was  time  for  her  to  say goodbye  to  every  one. They  were  wishing  the  next  two  final  years  also  be  fun  filled.

Reviewed by Sarika Nair


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