‘The Conch Bearer’ by Chitra Banerjee

The conch bearer is a beautiful fantasy and a speculative fiction written by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni. This is not like any other ordinary book, but a book with difference.

This book tells us the story of a 12 year old slum  boy Anand-an assistant of a cruel teastall man.One day,he meets a very strange old man-Abhaydatta and then his life changes completely . Abhaydatta gives him a Conch shell-that possesses mystical powers which had been stolen by a cruel man Surabhanu from the Silver valley in the Himalayas and it was his,Anand’s and a very resourceful girl- Nisha’s task to place the conch in its rightful home far far from them.  The adventurous journey from a small slum to the great Silver valley is described in this book.In between how they faces the traps laid by Surabhanu ,how a mere boy Anand becomes the CONCH BEARER,what was Anand’s family’s flashback…..are all narrated in this book very detailed and gripping.      The quest adventure when we read in it exotic flavour,we sympathize with Anand’s struggle and long for his success. The Indian settings are richly created that the readers can smell it .All those who love adventures would surely love this book. Read and enjoy.

Reviewed by Lekshmi Deyal


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