‘Danny the Champion of the World’ by Roald Dahl

At the beginning of the story Danny was only four months old.  He lived with his father William in an old gipsy caravan. Danny understood his dad’s deep secret about his passion for poaching pheasants. One morning there after 2.10 a.m Danny discovered  his Dad’s absence and fearing some misfortune, Danny drove Baby Austine  to Mr.Victor Hazell’s wood where he found his Dad in a pit-trap.  After a few days William talked about Mr.Hazell’s annual  pheasant shooting  party. They decided to capture all the pheasants  from Hazell’s wood. Danny suggests that he and William should  put the contents of sleeping pills inside the raisins which the pheasants will then eat and William names this new method the ‘Sleeping Beauty.’  Finally they poached  120 pheasants from Hazell’s wood using Danny’s idea.

The book ends when Danny is hailed as “ The Champion of the world” by  William , Doc spencer and  Sergeant Samways.

This book deals with a strong bond between a loving father and a son.  I love this book because it really makes me think about my own father and how much I love him and he loves me.

Reviewed by Gouri R.


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