‘Percy Jackson and the Titan’s curse’ by Rick Riordan

This is a very famous book written by Rick Riordan with characters demi- Gods and half bloods from Greek mythology.

The story starts with Annabeth Percy and Thalia taken to boarding school by Mrs. Jackson . Then slowly the story unwinds the encounter made by them to save the two siblings, Nico di angelo & Bianca di angelo who lived in the boarding school from a manticore, Dr. Thorn. During the fight with the manticore, they get help from Artemis and her hunters. On learning about a monster that will destroy Olympus from Dr. Thorn, Artemis sets out to destroy the monster.

The story unwinds maintaining the curiosity of readers through events in half blood camp, the half blood relations…. , Percy’s encounters with his invisible cap etc……….The turning point of the story happens when they enter “junkyard of the Gods” while perusing to save Artemis. There Bianca takes a cursed  Idol of Hades, the lord of the Dead for Nico, her brother. But, nothing should be taken away from there, which eventually led to the death of Bianca. Percy and his friends had many encounters and eventually reaches Mount Tamaipais. There, Zoe gets wounded by a dragon. Finally, they reach Artimis who was carrying the burden of sky. Percy takes up the burden and Artimus continues the fight. With the help of Artimus ,Percy hand over the burden back to Atlas. The end of fight results in the death of Zoe. Being a martyr she was given a place in the Constellation. Finally, Annabeth, Thalia and Percy was taken to Olumpus. In the Winter solstice, there takes place a series of debate between the Godson how dangerous Percy and Thalia can be. Finally Thalia becomes an immortal huntress which prevents the onset of prophecy on her. Percy escapes with the support of his father………………..

Back at camp Percy informs Nico  Bianca’s death. Nico blames Percy for her death. There Percy realizes that Nico is the son of Hades. Nico runs away……………..However Percy keeps this information a secret with the help of his friends………………

Reviewed by Devika A. Krishnan


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