‘A Tale of Two Indians’ by Maharshi Patel

“A tale of two Indians’’ is a novel written by Maharshi Patel, who is a first generation immigrant currently living in the United States .the book is published by Harper Collins publishers and has a total of 198 pages. It’s a story of two generations split by more than miles. Maharshi Patel was born in Ahmadabad and he and his family was settled in America. They had to change their house every now and then due to his father’s occupation, and Maharshi hardly lost his friends which he made in a short period of time. Despite his Spartan lifestyle Maharshi was happy. He was so obedient and truthful that his father nicknamed him as “little Gandhi’’.He was an extremely talented and intelligent student that, he won a scholarship in the Duke university with his own efforts. After his father finished his fellowship, they finally settled in Charlotte, North Carolina. That was the time when Maharshi’s life began to change……

His father became the most successful oncologist and Maharshi began to live a life filled with luxury and ease. As he led a perfect life, he also forgets the moral values taught to him by his parents. Then suddenly his destiny leads him to the darkest hour of his life: starting from his ever loving grandmother Jyothi ba’s death due to cancer, the sudden death of his best friend, his father being admitted in the hospital twice due to a minor heart attack: he couldn’t bear the cruel twists of his life. And automatically turned to the wrong path-as his grades became worse, his behavior becomes bad, and his mind was filled with only three concepts: disappointment, failure, worthless. After a long break when he understood his mistakes, he wanted to bring his life on the right track. And for that he needed inspiration from those poor people, who had witnessed all the miseries of the world, and he knew that person from whom he could gain the power. It was none other than his paternal grandfather Bhogi whose life was nothing beyond a circus of death and drama. As Maharshi, Bhogi also had to experience many deaths and devastations at a very young age itself. Firstly he was moved by his elder brother’s death due to pneumonia, following by his parent’s death. And later when life was going well, his younger brother’s death made him more miserable. He was non-willingly pulled into family feuds and his ignorance lead to the death of his unborn grandchild and alcoholic son. Bhogi was a person who had experienced all the miseries and failure but yet climbed the steps to success. Bhogi was a civil engineer and after his retirement he devoted his entire life in helping others so that he could attain happiness by bringing a smile on other’s face. Maharshi was highly inspired by Bhogi’s story and wanted to restart his life based on necessities and not on wasteful desires. So he joined an organization named “sarvajal” which provides drinking water for the rural villagers and emerges in social work. Finally he understood that money doesn’t bring happiness; being true to yourself does.

“A TALE OF TWO INDIANS” is a long tale of trials and tribulations. It gives you fathomless inspiration and enthusiasm. The fiction has little tragedy; it is also inspirational and devotional. I recommend this book to all the young readers and especially to all those who find their life meaningless and needs inspiration so that they could make their life a bit more colorful.

Reviewed by Ashika Mohan



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