‘The Brilliant world of Tom Gates’ by Liz Pichon

During the summer vacation I read the book “The Brilliant world of Tom Gates”. It is a funny book full of funny characters. This fully illustrated junior fiction book contains 237 pages with lots of fun and creativity. This book is full of cartoons along with a mind-pumping documentary. The Brilliant World of Tom Gates won several prestigious awards, including the Roald Dahl Funny Prize, the Water stone’s Children’s Book Prize, and the Blue Peter Book Award. L. Pichon lives in Brighton, England.

The book tells about the story of a young boy named Tom Gates who is an irreverent yet ‘normal’ school kid who takes much delight in torturing his older sister Delia. He’s also a master homework escapologist and likes to spend his time doodling in his homework book and planning his next rehearsal with his band the “Dog Zombies. It’s because of this habit that Mr.Fullerman, his class teacher always glares at him with his “Beady Eyes”. His sister Delia is the main focus of his pranks, but I could see so much of me and my brother in their relationship that it just made me laugh.

Tom loves Dude 3 – which is his favorite band. One day Tom goes to the corner shop to buy milk and his Granny slips some extra money in his pocket for him to buy something he wants. He spends ages choosing but then Rock Weekly, his favorite magazine, catches his eye. On the front it says “Dude 3 is coming to town”. He buys it and in the end he forgets the milk. Obviously he has an excuse – he says they had run out of milk! Tom is good at thinking up excuses. Amazingly Tom’s dad has got tickets to see Dude 3 but the dog of his friend Derek eats them. At this point Tom was desperate, he starting begging for tickets. He found someone he didn’t expect to be there, his class teacher Mr.Fullerman. Tom hated this teacher especially seeing him outside of school. But his teacher ended up being the one to get Tom front row seat to watch his favorite band Dude-3. He also got a chance to high five the Dude3 members. It was Tom’s luckiest and happiest day ever.

In diary format, complete with kooky illustrations, this books feature fabulous kid speak dialogue, adorable line drawings and wonderful type setting that bring out loud giggles. Great book filled with comedy and art and a very easy quick read.

Reviewed by Meenakshi.K (Shift-II)


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