‘The castle in the Pyrenees’ by Jostein Gaarder

‘The castle in the Pyrenees’ is yet another love story from the author of Sophie’s world-Jostien Gaarder. It is a novel of exploring the place of human consciousness in the universe.
The story travels through  five instance years in the 1970’s,in which Steinn and Solrun had a happy life together,then suddenly parted their waysfor reasons that are unclear to both.In summer 2007,they meet again in a place they both have fond memories from. Their meeting turns to be fateful.But it was purely coincidental that they meet at the particular spot at that particular time. The book takes the format of e-mail exchanges between Solrunn and Steinn. Not much actually happens in this book.The aforementioned debates over ghosts and the scientific method run into dozens of pages. The castle in the Pyrenees is comparatively smaller   in scale, but the ideas it present are equally absorbing.
Reviewed by  Aryananda B. S.

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