‘FaB Challenge” won the KVS Innovation & Experimentation Award 2015-’16

“Face a Book Challenge” has been selected for the KVS National Innovations and Experimentation Award 2015-’16.

Dear all FaB Challengers who took part from its first edition (2014-’15), this Award is for you. You deserve it. CONGRATS !!!

Let me thank all amazing FaB Challengers for their curiosity, dedication and love.

Congrats and heartfelt thanks to Jayalakshmy Mam for being the backbone, continuing support and inspiration of the project.

Grateful to Neerada Mam for kick starting the FaB Challenge. Always indebted to Ajayakumar Sir, Principal, KV Pattom for leading the project in many ways and remain a great motivator..

Special thanks to Ms Divya R. Nath, Ms Rekha Rajan and Mr Mathew Abraham for extending their whole hearted support from the beginning.

Hearty Congrats and thanks to everyone. This is for you KV PATTOM.

S. L. Faisal, Coordinator, FaB Challenge


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