FaB-3: Best Performers

  1. Ms Ashifa S. S., IX D
  2. Ms Lekshmi Deyal, IX D
  3. Ms Nayana V. L., IX B
  4. Ms Nandana V. L., IX B
  5. Ms Meera Nair, VIII A
  6. Ms Gopika Krishnan N., VII D
  7. Ms Mydhili S. Ann, VII D
  8. Ms Gouri G. L., X D
  9. Ms M. J. Souparnika Chandran, 10 A
  10. Ms Nyma Nazreen, X D
  11. Ms Ashika Mohan, IX D
  12. Aarathi, IX D
  13. Ms Jinsy, X A
  14. Abhaumika Bijuduth, X D
  15. Christeena  Jacob, VIII A
  16. Gouri R., X B

FaB Challengers may download the detailed evaluation report here

Request for password may be send to librarykvpattom@gmail.com


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