‘Brida’ by Paulo Coelho

6544975This novel  written by Paulo Coelho comprises the life of a young Irish girl named Brida and her desire to learn magic to seek the truth of life. In order to learn magic she meets great people of wisdom and courage. A wise man , a forest dweller named Magus taught her to overcome her fears and to trust in the great goodness of the world through the tradition of sun. Afterwards she finds a teacher for herself , Wicca who taught her to dance to the hidden music of the world and makes her aware about her true identity and witchcraft through the tradition of moon. Thus she  understands that everyone in this world is here for a reason, no one can find it but something ultimately leads them there. When she seeks about her destiny , she equally finds it difficult to balance her relationships and her desire . At last  with the support from her beloved  Lorens and her soulmate Magus, she somehow manages to balance it.

It is a simple good read  revolving around  vivid fantasy, epic spirituality and mysticism.

I recommend this book to those who are interested in religion, spirituality and soul mate theory.

So I rate this book 3.5/5 and I hope you will enjoy reading it.

Reviewed by Anagha Anil


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