‘Inferno’ by Dan Brown

Related imageInferno is a thriller fiction written by Dan Brown. Is was first published by Bantam Press in Great Britain in 2013.
The story is about a art history professor, Robert Langdon. He has been asked by the WHO to investigate about a person called Bertrand Zobrist. Bertrand Zobrist is a intelligent transhumanist who has invented a new type of plague virus and plans to release it. He believes that humans are still evolving and after many centuries a very advanced post-human species will evolve. But, he also believes if the overpopulation goes on the way it is now human species will become extinct before that. In his opinion, plagues were nature’s way of curbing overpopulation.
But, suddenly he wakes up in a hospital without any memory of the last 24 hours. He finds a altered painting of Sandro Botticelli’s ‘Map of Hell’ in a hidden pocket of his coat and starts investigating again. Meanwhile, an agent of the Consortium (an illegal association which does anything for money), Vayentha, and SRS team off ECDC after are following him. As he finds clues and moves forward, the author also describes the history and art of Italy and Istanbul. Later, Robert finds that Sienna is actually Bertrand’s supporter.
Unfortunately, they are not able to stop the plague. But, finally Sienna comes out and tells Robert the truth. Bertrand created a sterility plague which renders 1/3 of the population sterile forever. Finally, everyone accepts that even though Bertrand’s way was not right, his intentions were good.
This book is really gripping and I really like this book. I rate it 5/5 and recommend it to everyone.

Reviewed by Gayathri Sankar


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