‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ by Roald Dahl

Image result for book charlie and the chocolate factoryRoald Dahl was mostly inspired to write this book because of his own experiences as a child.The reputed chocolate firm, Cadbury would occasionally hand out new types of chocolates to the students and ask the blissful children to rate them. Dahl, who was one of those lucky students, would often fantasize about working in the lab where these chocolates were created. Many years down the line, this childhood fantasy would culminate into the hugely popular, best-seller ‘Charlie and The Chocolate Factory’.

The story begins when Willy Wonka, the great, eccentric chocolate inventor and owner of Wonka’s chocolates decides to open the gates of his amazing chocolate factory to five lucky children. And to get this prize of a lifetime, all you have to do is find one of the five golden tickets in Wonka’s chocolate bars! This news, gives everyone a jolt of surprise and the craze begins. People start hunting for the ticket and four of them are found by spoilt,mean little children.

Charie Bucket, lives with his family in a little house and hardly gets enough to eat even though his father works very hard.  He is a poor, needy but sweet and innocent child and gets a chocolate only once in a year on his birthday. One fine day, he finds a lost coin on the ground, so obviously he bought chocolate, which he loves but rarely gets….

Yes! You guessed it right, he gets the golden ticket and it was completely by accident! When Charlie got the ticket, I did a happy little jig in my head! I had complete faith in Charlie and most importantly, Roald Dahl…

So on the special day, all the lucky children and their proud parents arrive near the gates of the factory and go on a tour in the wondrous factory. They go on a ‘Scrumdiddlyumptious’ (Dahl’s credit) tour through the wonderful factory and see all kinds of sweets like hot- icecream,wriggle sweets, candies,three-course dinner chewing gum, giant lollipops and a huge chocolate river.

Dahl has also showcased his limericks and poems here and there, along with his crazy self invented words.[ gobstoppers, anyone??]

What happen to the spoilt kids? What does Willy Wonka reveal? And what happens to Charlie? To know the answers, read the book. I dont want to reveal everything and spoil your reading experience. 🙂

I am sure kids would love this book. My seven year old brother became a regular reader of Roald Dahl after reading ‘Charlie and the chocolate factory’ and he now keeps a lookout for all of Roald’s books in the public library.

The dialogue is edgy and witty.  There is of course, Dahl’s lovely humour in the books and the ending was also good. I was able to complete the book quickly.

According to me, this is a light- hearted, fun and short book and it can’t be considered as deep and thrilling as some other novels and books. Because, the book is meant for children and it is the natural talent of the writer  which which made him keep the book simple, cute and also interesting enough to be read by readers of all ages. I rate it 4/5. When you read the book, you will find yourself automatically flipping through the pages into the magical world of Charlie.

Reviewed by Kalyani Santhosh



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