‘Summer Term at St Clare’s’ by Enid Blyton

Related imageThe book Summer Term At St Clare’s is a fantastic book written by Enid Blyton. It’s a beginning of a new term at St Clare’s. Five new girls have joined their form. There is an American girl called Sadie, who is obviously quite rich and elegant. There is a wild looking girl called Carlotta, who is half Spanish. There is a naughty but very likeable girl called Bobby [Roberta]. The last new girl is Pamela, who is very hard working but also very shy. This time Sadie is kidnapped. Prudence has a hand in that. How are they going to rescue Sadie? There would be going to be a drama and action.

I recommend this book to everybody who loves school days and adventures. I give this book 10 on 10.This is a fabulous book. I like this book very much.

Reviewed by Bhavya V.

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