‘The Daughters of Mars’ by Thomas Keneally

Image result for book 'The Daughters of MarsThis Book is written by the Australian novelist Thomas Keneally on the basis of the dairy notes written by two Austrian nurses named Judith and Jane during the first world war period.  This is a fictional novel based generally on medical installation period. In this book the two sisters Naomi and Sally, Naomi is the older one and seemed very confident. In their childhood Sally always felt subject to comparisons with Naomi by their teachers and relatives. Most of it was her own sense of being less. And some of it was real. Naomi was good at the outer world.

Naomi was working in the big city and stayed there while Sally stayed behind on the dairy farm looking after her mother who was dying of cancer. Naomi returns to help her mother. And the sudden death of mother makes Sally suspect Naomi. This produces a strong emotional feeling (guilty) that runs through the novel. Later it’s the experience of war which bring them together.

I did like the way how the author shaped the story. And also the simplicity used in the story. The book takes us through a different world .

It is a very interesting book for who loves and enjoy reading. I suggest this book for reading.

Reviewed by Kavya Priya S.


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