‘Harry Potter and the order of the Phoenix’ by J. K. Rowling

Image result for book HARRY POTTER AND THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIXIn this fifth book of Harry Potter series, Harry had to face two dementors at privet drive and narrowly escapes from being expelled from Hogwarts. After the incident he was escorted to Number 12 Grimmauld place by several aurors. After reaching there he knew that that place was his godfather’s property which was used by an association called ‘The Order of the Phoenix’. He wanted to know more about the association but he wasn’t allowed to know more than what he was told. Then after some few weeks they were escorted to the railway station by those same aurors. Then he came to know that their new defence against dark arts teacher was a member of Ministry of Magic, Dolores Jane Umbridge, who was there for Harry’s hearing that day and he also noticed that Hagrid was missing from the staff table. He disliked Umbridge the very first day of their class. He had several detentions because he told that he saw Voldemort return.


After a few days she became the High Inquisitor of Hogwarts. Everyone knew that Umbridge won’t teach them proper defence against dark arts. So Hermione came up with an idea that Harry will teach them defence against dark arts. So they started a group named Dumbledore’s Army (in short DA). After several meeting of DA they saw a notice in the Gryffindor common room informing them that students are not allowed to form any groups or association including Quidditch groups. But they still continue to have their DA meeting at Room of Requirement. Then he knew that Hagrid came back, all drenched in blood and he was having bruises all over his body. Then Hagrid told him that he got all those cuts and bruises he got was from other giants. After some days he saw a vision from the eye of a snake that Mr Weasley has been attacked. Through that vision he was able to save his life. Then he spend Christmas with his godfather, Sirius who was so happy to have him back. After seeing the vision he was asked to learn Occlumency from Professor Snape. Then Hermione made him attend an interview with Rita Skeeter, who was the editor of Daily Prophet. She also called Luna Lovegood, whose father was the editor of a magazine, The Quibbler. They both took their interview and published those in the following edition. Umbridge got outraged by this and she cancelled all his Hogsmeade and informed that any student using The Quibbler will be expelled from the school. By this notice everyone in the school was curious to know what was in the magazine. And all student used different tricks to read The Quibbler. And finally, each and every student at the Hogwarts read The Quibbler. And few days later, there was a news in the Daily Prophet telling that there was a mass breakout from the Azkaban. And one day when they were conducting the DA meeting Dobby came to warn them that Professor Umbridge is coming to get them. But before Harry could run he was caught by Draco. Then he was taken to the Dumbledore for starting a group without the permission of the High Inquisitor. But Dumbledore told them that it was his army, not Harry’s. Then he escaped from there and Umbridge became the Headmistress of the Hogwarts. One day while having his Occlumency he saw Snape’s worst memory and he was asked not to come again for his lessons. After that he saw a vision that Sirius is been attacked by Voldemort and he confirmed that by using Umbridge’s fire but he was caught by her. Then he said to Snape that Voldemort got Sirius at the department of mysteries. Hermione lies to Umbridge that they were making a weapon against the ministry and it is kept inside the forest. She made Umbridge follow her to the forest and she lead her to the centaurs and as Umbridge hated half- breeds, she behaved badly to them and she got carried away by the centaurs. By that time others also escaped from the Slytherins. They used the thestrals for travelling to the Ministry of Magic. When they reached there, they came to know that Sirius wasn’t attacked but this was a trap to get them. The Death Eaters wanted a prophecy about Harry. But accidently Harry drops the prophecy and it got destroyed. After some time aurors along with Sirius came and fought with the Death Eaters and Sirius was killed by Bellatrix. And Voldemort appears in front of the Minister of Magic and they all knew that what Harry told was true. After reaching the school, Dumbledore tells him that he knew what was in the prophecy. It told that a boy will be born in the end of July, to the parents who had denied the dark lord three times. Only that boy could destroy Voldemort. Dumbledore told him that Harry wasn’t the only boy, the other one was Neville Longbottom. But Harry was the Chosen One.

Reviewed by Suryasree


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