‘Surprises according to Humphrey’ by Betty G. Birney

Image result for Surprises according to Humphrey bookThe name of the book is ‘Surprises according to Humphrey’. The author of the book is Betty G. Birney. It has 154 pages to read. First published in 2008 by Faber and Faber limited. It is a story of Hamster who is leaving In longfellow school room number 26. The name of the Hamster is Humphrey. It is a wonderful story, and haswonderful characters. It has 15 chapters and humphrey’s top 10 good surprises at last. Like
1: sprung has sprung
2: stop drop and more surprises
3: Hamster on roll
4: spring fever
5: surprises from outer space
6: the space alien
7:  surprise attack
8: The Hunt continues
9: No Surprises
10: the return of Amigo
11: hoppin with heidi
12: testing testing
13: the big break
14:A day at maycrest manor
15: suggestions and surprises
This is a story about a hamster . the  story contains so much of adventures. One day the Hamster see an alien . The alien pick up a child to his planet. The Hamster has a friend who is a frog name ojee who live near to him the both of them are good friends and neighbours. And there is a dictionary for the hamster he always write a word  in hisEnglish dictionary and meaning also like rat cat surprises dream and so much. And there will be a lot of problems in between the children’s also the Hamster loves to eat Greens and cauliflower also but Hamster also like to play in the playground of school but he cannot go outside so he had ride in his cage one day he jumped out of the cage and go outside to play in the playground this story contains lots of things and surprises this is the best story I have read I will recommend this book to all the readers my age to read I also congratulate the author of the book also.
Reviewed by Arundhati

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