‘Inkspell’ by Cornelia Funke

20180410_101242THIS  IS  THE  SEQUAL  TO  INKHEART….A  book which  has  675  pages  that  drive  us  through  an  extraordinary  world .This  is one  of  the  longest  book  I  have  read. Inkspell   is written by Cornella  Funke  in  German.

Inkspell is a 2005 young adult fantasy novel by Cornelia Funke. It was named the 2006 ‘Book Sense Book of the Year’ in the Children’s Literature category.

Dustfinger  finds  a  man  who  can  read  him  back  into  his world  and  Meggie  reads  herself  and  Her  friend  Farid  into  Inkheart .Her  parents  follow  her. Meggie’s  father  is  thought  to  be  a  mysterious  villain  called  “Bluejay”. Bluejay  was  being  hunted  for  treason. They  have  many  adventures  that  are  scary .This  book  leads  us  through  a  magical  world  of  myths; that  too  in  contemporary  style. Inkspell  is  definitely  better  than  Inkheart,  by  far. This book is better than inkheart in some ways. It has more in terms of characters and feel. However, as with the first, there are some swear words. There is more violence, and many people die. But  comparing  with  Harry  Potter  series this novel is mild in narrative.

I recommend  this  book  for  students.  Grown  ups  would  like  it  too. It  made  me  feel a bit worried  while  reading  it,   in  case  it  ended   on  a  cliff  hanger.

Reviewed by Sarika Nair   


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