‘The Lost Symbol’ by Dawn Brown

20180408_151615‘The lost symbol’ is written by Dan Brown. He is a mystery/thriller novelist. The lost symbol is third in it’s Robert Langdon series,however you don’t have to read read it consecutively,it’s more of a companion series just with the same lead character.

So this book starts with Robert Langdon,a art history Harvard professor and a famous symbologist .He is summoned by his colleague Peter Solomon,also a long time friend and mentor,who is a philanthropist, historian and scientist to U.S. capitol building to give a lecture.And from there everything starts to go down hill, first a served hand is found in the rotunda with strange tattoos.And then Robert realised that he was manipulated to came here and Peter is missing and he receives a strange phone call from a man who says  that Peter is with him and unless Langdon unlocks a ancient mystical portal which is does not exist according to Langdon. And then CIA gets involved. CIA director Sato , directs comes to the rotunda and says that it is a matter of national security crisis and that Langdon complies to the man’s wishes,which Robert found to be complete bullshit and combine it with the frantic search for the portal through the depth of the capitol building and the turbulent chase to get away from CIA. And cue in Freemasons,the secret society or the  society with secrets as Langdon says.Tally it with Ancient Mysteries,a legend with a promise of vast knowledge and power. And couple it with Noetic science -the modern but the ancient study of mind and body ,even proving that our thoughts affect the physical matter around us, with masonic secrets and Albrecht D`urer’s painting and magic squares. and hitch on o evil mastermind blinded by lust of power, is so ambitious and relentless in pursuit of what he seeks that he doesn’t even blink before a cold-blooded murder or torturing people to death,tot up the decoding the intricate symbols and puzzles and add countless cliff hangers.And lastly jazz up twists and turns which are always around the corner ,which you never really see,which is often ,and BOOM!! …..There you have it,a jaw -dropping …… gripping thriller.
And one thing about this book is that ,a puzzle or a code is related to a thing which is present in real life, varying from paintings to monuments and even journals of famous people.The solving or decoding is done,which is so relevant,so interwoven into the artifact that once all the pieces click together, You will be like ,Oh My God!!! The answer was staring straight at my face all this time .
This book is a fictional work but the historical references to buildings,paintings,discoveries is so accurate,that you will doubt reality itself .
This book is constructed so well around the architecture of the city of Washington as the architecture of the city itself. I was so intrigued by the book that it took me several moments to collect my bearings.
This is the very fast-paced book,one thing will jump into another so fast that you will be unable to distinguish between one from the other and it’s a complete lead on.
This book will leave you gasping at the edge of your seat,hands trembling, heart thundering mind racing as the story eventuate ,hooked and captivated wondering what the hell did just happen!!!
Trust me…!! when I say it will take a much stronger but than your average one to digest it all.
Reviewed by Rhithuparna

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