‘The secrets of Droon’ by Tony Abbott

20180410_101406The secrets of Droon is a fantasy book. This is a story about three kids Eric, Julie and Neal ,who had found a secret staircase of the Droon, under the basement of there house, and their friends from the city of Droon. Keeah, a princess with amazing power, Galen, probably the greatest wizard ever known and Max, a friendly, orange haired, eight legged spider troll.

Droon is a secret world under the basement of their house. It is home to strange creatures like six legged pilkas, Bangledorn Monkeys, the friendly fire frogs etc. But, on one side of Droon were the Dark lands of Lord Sparr, a wicked sorcerer as Galen was good. And there were Ninns, lots and lots of Ninns. Sparr’s klutzy red warriors. There was Kano, a fiery palace, Plud, Sparr’s forbidden fortress and under the Serpent sea,the mysterious caves of a witch named Demithe. Eric would never forget these caves.It was deep in Demithe ‘s Doom Gate that a jewel called the red eye of dawn was imprisoned.While battling Ohm ,the whispering evil spirit of the eye ,keeah had saved Eric’s life by zapping him with her powers.From that moment Eric had his own powers.Droon changed Julie to. On one adventure Julie gained the ability to fly .When they had dreams about droon,it meant that they were being summoned back to Droon. And this dream came true.
This story begins with a magical bottle given to them by prince of star.Everyone was surprised that a whole city resided in the bottle . City was called city of Ut.
Every hundred years ,Ut appears for a single day than returns into the bottle.But that is not the remarkable thing,some one is trapped inside.It was the seventh genie of dove named Hoja, wears a  whooping turban and spoke in odd,funny sayings.Eric,Julie and Neal have seen Hoja before. Because Hoja was a genie who could time travel when he desires . But the last time he went to the city of Ut ,he got trapped because it is a city of dangers .And Quill a magical feather pen told to watch for the blue flower, he also says that Sparr’s has something to do with it. The only way to get in the bottle and safe Hoja is to take the bottle to a faint sand dune in the Saladina Plains and – pfft ! – out of it will come the city of Ut. The Duke of Ut looks just like Neal and his sister looked just like Julie. So, they prevented as if they were the rulers of Ut and understood why Lord Sparr was here and defeated him. They rescued Hoja and freed him from the city of Ut. And this frenzied, adventure spree just ended right before their breakfast.
Reviewed by Apoorva Anilkumar

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