‘Tiger’s Quest’ by Colleen Houck

20180408_141618“The dark threads were as needful in the weaver’s skillful hand
as the threads of gold and silver for the pattern which He planned”

‘Tiger’s Quest’ is the second book in the series of Tiger’s Curse written by Colleen Houck. Warps are the vertical threads in a cloth onto which the colourful wefts, the horizontal ones, cling to. The story revolves around a girl, Kelsey, who’s ready to accept any risk to break the tiger’s curse. She’s the warp onto which the half tigers, Ren and Kishan, cling to.

The story starts with Kelsey going back to Oregon after breaking a part of curse. Staying away from the half tiger Ren, her true love, made her life hard but without losing hope she moved ahead making herself busy to forget Ren by preparing herself for the quest. Her life went on like this until things changed on the Christmas day. Ren came to her! Soon Kelsey’s life became exciting with her love around but fate had something else for her. The evil minded Lokesh had come back for the magical amulet. He took Ren away from Kelsey making her retun to India. She wanted her tiger back and for that she had to complete the quest.
Kelsey along with Kishan, Ren’s brother, and Mr. Kadam started their journey to complete the quest. They sought the ocean teacher for guidance and made their way to the paradise. They had to pass the tests of the four houses; the house of gourds, the house of Sirens, the house of bats and the house of birds but more than that they had to keep alive the faith in them. The journey was hard; they had to face dangerous creatures like the giant snake and the metal bodied birds, but they were victorious having the blessings of goddess Durga with them. the much harder task was the rescue of Ren. They had to fight Lokesh to get Ren back, but would it be easy to fight someone like Lokesh? No! They were celebrating their victory over the evil when suddenly it occurred to them that Lokesh’s evil moves took Ren much farther from her, Ren couldn’t remember Kelsey.
The book being a great entertainer, I really had a good time reading. it portrays the depth of love and care to risk one’s own life to save others. I would rate it 8 on 10 and recommend this book to adventure seeker.
Reviewed by Rhethika S.

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