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The Story of those Butterfingers

DSC06283The Butterfingers story revolves around the antics of Amar, the endearing 13 year old, nicknamed butterfingers for his knack of dropping things at alarming regularity. He is not just butterfingered: he is clumsy and accident prone as well. So its certainly no surprise that  where there is butterfingers, there’s bound to be fun, thrills and of course trouble. A student of Green park school, he often draws his friends, Kiran and Eric and others into many a madcap adventures.

Goal Butterfingers!’  is set in Green Park International, a boy’s school with a lone girl student-Minnu.

The writer, who ran the Butterfingers series in tinkle magazine, published her first book- Howzatt Butterfingers in 2010. She has written Goal Butterfingers as a sequel to it, using the same characters this time wrapping the action around a football tournament.

The Butterfingers of title is Amar, is an eighth grade student. Then, there is Kishore, who spouts Latin and cringes when the girls who come as exchange students to Green Park use `like’ indiscriminately or say `anyways’.

Arjun is the dreamer and musician and Minu is the girl student who wants to be part of all the action. Other characters include from Princi Jagmohan to Shyam sir.

While the football tournament ( ‘GREEPA’ to be pronounced as greefa rhyming with FIFA )  is a constant theme, there is also a sub-plot in the form of a plan to build a pesticide factory in the locality.

M. J. Ambika Devi