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In Search of Lost Symbols

DSC06273This fast paced thriller by Dan Brown describes the stunning adventure of a Harvard professor, Robert Langdon and a scientist, Katherine Solomon, in their daring attempt to save the world from slipping into chaos, all set in a time frame of 12 hours.

The story begins with Robert Langdon’s arrival to Washington DC, to give a lecture about Masonic Symbols organised by Peter Solomon, Langdon’s friend and mentor. However, when he reaches the National Statuary Hall, the site for the lecture, he receives a  nerve-rending call from a lunatic who threatens to kill Peter unless Langdon helps him uncover the sacred knowledge given from the gods to men in ancient times. He plans to use this wisdom to establish his rank and power in the hierarchy of demons and devils. To him, chaos was the natural order of nature. This man, who goes by the name of Mal’akh, forced the secrets of the highest order from Peter, using modern methods of deception and torture, who was also a member of the 33rd degree of Freemasonry.

He sought information about the Masonic Pyramid, a legendary map which leads to the location where the Lost Word was buried. After acquiring information privy to only the most authoritative masons, he then gives these clues to following a trail of symbols to Langdon, who leads us through the deepest and darkest secrets of Washington DC. During his adventures, he enlists the help of Katherine Solomon, Peter’s sister and a scientist of Noetics, a fast-growing research field which gives proof of the much awaited link between the technological advances in the field of science and the mythical mysteries of the past. He also enlists the help of Warren Bellamy and Colin Galloway, both 33rd degree Masons and religious brothers of Peter.

The CIA appears antagonistic in the beginning, but they all fight for the same cause as Mal’akh still has secrets up his sleeve which could cause a global revolution. With Langdon racing against time, with less than three hours to save a life and prevent global mayhem, this book is sure to be an eye-opener to the things we take for granted in our lives. However, like the ominous sayings of the masons, “Ordo ab Chao”(Order from Chaos), in the midst of all the chaos, Peter Solomon brings about Order by decoding the Lost Word of Ages, thus bringing a fitting end to a thrilling tale.

Feyaz Baker