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Stories of Friendship and Romance

DSC06303‘Let it snow ‘ consists of three festive and inter-connected stories by bestselling authors ; John green , Maureen Johnson and Lauren Myracle. Each stories are extremely good .

The first story is called ” THE JUBILEE EXPRESS ” By Maureen Johnson. Its about a girl called Jubilee who is her way to stay with her grandparents for Christmas when her train gets stuck in the snow in the small town of Graceland . There she meet an interesting character.  This character come across later on this book………….!
Next story is followed by John green ” CHEERTASTIC CHRISTMAS MIRACLE ” which features Tobin and his friends trying to get to the waffle house after finding out that fourteen cheerleaders have descended there after being stranded in town …….!
The final story called ‘THE PATRON SAINT OF PIGS ” By Lauren Myracle.It centers around Addie who has promised who has promised to collect he friends teacup piglet but can’t seems to focus after having split up with her boyfriends jeb……….!
Each story centers around the themes of love and friendship . They feature romance and new beginnings . What happens when friendship turns into something more. There’s the promise of forgiveness and starting over the characters in this stories  concluding in a unexpected way …! My experience on this book was good and this book say a lot of love and romance  which is really inter-connected with common life .
In this book there is an real romantic heart touching line in this book and its in page : 19 last para…!
Maneesh Manmadhan