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A Library Professional with a twist towards anything 2.0 and beyond. Automated and redesigned the Library of Kendriya Vidyalaya Pattom in 2007 (which became the first fully automated Kendriya Vidyalaya library in India with an 'E-reading Hub'). Developed the first Indian school Library blog in 2007 and tries to experiment with and incorporate almost all web 2.0 tools as part of the library services. Created an Academic online Social Network 'Library Junction' and an online professional forum 'KV Librarians’ Network' with more than 550 working school librarians as members. Served as the General Secretary of Kerala Library Association (KLA) during 2011-’13. Developed and implemented innovative projects like Face a Book, Library-Social Connect, Library Junction, Home works and Assignments Online, My Dear Book, and LibZine. Coordinated and served as Resource Person to a number of Professional development programmes (Seminars, Workshops, In-service Training courses, Talks, etc) under KVS, CBSE, NCERT, Kerala Library Association and other organizations. Acts as Resource Person on Web 2.0., Blogging (WordPress), Library 2.0, School Library Management and Standards, Social Media, Automation, Digitization, e-content development, etc. Serves as a Member & Author of CBSE Curriculum Committee for the subject, Library & Information Science. Drafted the New KVS Library Policy, as a member of Library Policy Committee constituted by KVS, New Delhi. Received the IASL International Excellence Award (2012), KVS Regional Incentive Award (2014), NCERT Innovations and Experiments in Schools Award (2011) and KVS Innovations and Experimentation Award (2010). Published articles and presented papers in journals and conferences. I am open to all new ideas and concepts emerging from any corner of the social or academic world, if it provides a chance to improve my profession and myself as a social being.

‘FaB Challenge” won the KVS Innovation & Experimentation Award 2015-’16

“Face a Book Challenge” has been selected for the KVS National Innovations and Experimentation Award 2015-’16.

Dear all FaB Challengers who took part from its first edition (2014-’15), this Award is for you. You deserve it. CONGRATS !!!

Let me thank all amazing FaB Challengers for their curiosity, dedication and love.

Congrats and heartfelt thanks to Jayalakshmy Mam for being the backbone, continuing support and inspiration of the project.

Grateful to Neerada Mam for kick starting the FaB Challenge. Always indebted to Ajayakumar Sir, Principal, KV Pattom for leading the project in many ways and remain a great motivator..

Special thanks to Ms Divya R. Nath, Ms Rekha Rajan and Mr Mathew Abraham for extending their whole hearted support from the beginning.

Hearty Congrats and thanks to everyone. This is for you KV PATTOM.

S. L. Faisal, Coordinator, FaB Challenge

‘George’s Marvellous Medicine’ by Roald Dahl

Image result for George’s marvelous medicineThis tremendous tale tells us about who is 8 year old boy and his desire is to transform his cranky old grandma.

I thanks to George madcap and mischevious idea, his marvelous medicine does the trick but not in the way he expected. I absolutely loved this book and when I read it I burst into laughter.I would highly recommend this book because its amazing.

The way the writer wrote was hilarious and he put in some random funny things that didn’t exist and could never happen such asthe transformation of animals. I would love to read more books of Roald Dahl series.

Reviewed by Mydhili S. Ann


‘Gods,Kings and Slaves’ by R. Venketesh

Historical fiction is an interest to even those who are not fond of history.They have gained recognition in various places .Greek history, Roman history, Indian or Chinese and what not .
Not very often do we get to see a South Indian historical fiction.
R.venketesh’s Gods kings and slaves tells us a story about a war . Where death is certain on both sides. It also talks about the brotherhood between two kings who in turn want to kill the other.The story is beautifully written and it talks of pain,love and war.
I give it a 3 out of 5.
Reviewed by Maidhily Warrier