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Mahashweta: Raising above Prejudices

DSC06312This book  is  about  Anupama  who  with  determination  rebuild  her  life  fighting  against  leukoderma. Anand  and  Anupama  falls  in  love  with  each  other  and  with  blessing  from  their  elders  they  both  gets  married. As Anupama is  from  a  poor  family  and  Anand  from  a  rich  latter’s  family  was  not  so  satisfied  by  her  daughter-in-law.Then a  month  after  their  marriage  Anand  goes  to  England  for  further  studies  and  Anu  was  also  going  to  accompany  him  after  Lakshmi-pooja  and at the  time  of  lakshmi  pooja  a  hot coal  fell  on  her  foot  and  severely  burnt  it. Then  a  couple  of  days  later  something  she  saw  she so that she has white patch on her feet. She was worried. She suspected if it was the symptom of leukoderma. To verify this she went to a doctor. At that time, leukoderoma had ruined many marriages, shattered many hearts, broken many engagements, it was consider a curse of god for that lady. Anu then decided that not to tell anybody and continue treatment. But one day by coincidence her in – laws saw her from coming out of the clinic. And she was forced to return to her parents house. Her father had remarriage after her mother’s death and her step mother dislike her. As she is in their house her step mother barbed her that she has become a burden for her parents and she was forced contemplate suicide. But suddenly she gets will power and goes to Bombay and works as a clerk. Then days passed and she gets a job as a Sanskrit teacher. Then she meets with an accident and has two doctors as enduring friends. After an year Anand realizes his mistakes and searches for Anu. Mean time her friend – doctor proposes her for marriage. After a week Anand finds Anu and ask for forgiveness to him. And asks her to come with him. But after finding the truthfulness of  life she rejects both and decides to live alone.

This book is an inspiration for all whose suffers prejudice in society. And I hope by reading this book all will raise like Anupama.

 Arsha Suresh


Frances Hodgson Burnett


Frances Dodgson Burnett was born in Cheetham Hill, Manchester, England on 24 November 1849. She was an English playwright and author. After the death of her father in 1852, her family moved to Tennessee in the United States. Frances wrote stories to earn money and help her family. After the death of her mother, she married swan Burnett who was a doctor and they had two sons. She mainly wrote for children and her famous works are little lord Fauntleroy, a little princess, the secret garden, and the Lass o’ Lowries. She was popular due to her ability to write stories in Yorkshire English. She frequently travelled to England and wrote the secret garden in the 1890s. She later divorced swan Burnett and married Stephen Townsend in 1900. She died in 1924 and is buried in Roslyn cemetery on long island.

Gouri G. I.

Bhima: The Story of a Lone Warrior

DSC06434BHIMA-LONE WARRIOR is the English translation of M T Vasudevan Nair’s Randamoozham [by Gita Krishnankutty ]. The novel is retelling of Mahabharata epic from the perspective of Bhima the second Pandava. He is not merely looked at as a mighty warrior, but as a human being with unfulfilled longings, haunted by doubts and fears and often ridiculed and misunderstood by the people around him. The novel starts with Mahaprasthanam, where pandavas renounce their kingdom and other worldly possessions and start the final pilgrimage to Himalayas to enter the heaven in bodily form. The story proceeds as Bhima is recollecting all the previous incidents that took place in his life.   There are no changes to the framework of the story that Vyasa had codified but can find twists at various places. (some of which I found shocking).MT himself admits that he took liberties in those parts where Vyasa maintained a silence. So I recommend this book even to all those readers who are familiar with the Mahabharata story as you are sure to find deviations from the familiar story. Bhīma is sure to win your hearts.

Asha Devi A.

Inspirational Quotes from ‘the Secret Garden’

“Two worst things as can happen to a child is never to have his own way – or always to have it.”

“I am sure there is Magic in everything, only we have not sense enough to get hold of it and make it do things for us”

“At first people refuse to believe that a strange new thing can be done, then they begin to hope it can be done, then they see it can be done–then it is done and all the world wonders why it was not done centuries ago.”

“One of the strange things about living in the world is that it is only now and then one is quite sure one is going to live forever and ever and ever.”

“If you look the right way, you can see that the whole world is a garden.”

Gauri G. I.

In the Divergent World

DSC06302“Fear doesn’t shut you down it wakes you up,” mixed with every element of suspense, love, thrill, terror, vivid imagination and loss, DIVERGENT is really a beautifully cooked heart pounding debut. Set in post apocalyptic Chicago ( the so called divergent world ) survivors are divided in to five factions : Abnegation for the selfless, Amity for the peaceful, Candor for the honest, Dauntless for the brave and Erudite for the intelligent. At the age of 16, one had to undergo an aptitude test, which finds out the faction in which they are best suited to. The main character 16 year old Beatrice is born to an Abnegation family. On getting her test results as inconclusive ( divergent ), she can be in any of the following factions – Abnegation, Erudite, Dauntless. On choosing day, Beatrice decides to leave Abnegation to join Dauntless, while her brother Caleb chooses Erudite. Their Dauntless instructor, Four will explain that the only the top ten will remain in the faction. During her initiation in to the new faction, Beatrice renames herself Tris. She soon finds her friends in Christina, Al, Will and ends up in conflict with Peter, Drew, Molly.

The initiation is divided in to three stages :
  1. Learning how to handle guns and knives as well as hand to hand combat.
  2. Involve simulations, which forces the initiates to face scenarios symbolic of their fears.
  3. Fear landscape.

In this period Tris falls in love with her instructor Four, who himself is a divergent and whose real name is Tobias. Tris ranks first in the initiation. later she discovers that the Erudite had used the tracking serum to force Dauntless members to carry out their plan of invading Abnegation. During the night following, Dauntless soldiers attack Abnegation. She loses both her parents in the fight. At last Tobias helps Tris shut down the Erudite simulation. Later they boards a train to Amity along with her brother to find the rest of Abnegation survivors. The rest is continued in the next book INSURGENT. Divergent is surely an asset to the English literature world and is worth reading.

Akshaya Panicker

A School Diary written by Mr Oliver

DSC06307Pure vindictiveness on the part of the Headmaster, putting me in charge of the school party for the entire duration of the train journey from Kalka to Simla. A day of sheer misery for me. Over a hundred small boys doing their best to sabotage the train….”

Mr. Christopher Oliver is a boys prep school teacher who loves writing diary. He is assigned the duty of bringing a group of boys to Simla from Kalka. Three days after they reach school, two boys from class 4 runaway and Mr. Oliver is asked to bring them back. He finds them just outside Kalka and comes to know that they hated school. He pacifies them and brings them back. Oliver buys himself a parrot as he loves pets.

On April1 everyone gets up late, missing the P. T. as the bell goes missing. The whole school gets punished. Mr. Oliver suspects Mirchandani ( Mirchi) as he noticed the boys giving him dirty looks. Oliver names his pet Totaram (Tota). A common wealth middlewieght boxing champion Buster Bragge arrives. He challenges Mr. Oliver who gives Mr. Bragge a ferocious blow that gives him a nosebleed. Someone disfigures the school founder’s portrait but on seeing the Headmaster’s anger, Popat of class 1 confesses the crime and promises to clean the portrait. A cyclonic storm hits the school and the neighbouring girl’s school catches fire in a lightning. The school cricket team loses a match as they are all out for 15 runs. Mrs. Tonks, the girl’s school headmistress, presents the boy’s school with a bucket of goldfishes along with some tadpoles. The tadpoles grow into frogs which become a nuisance. The boys go for frog hunt and leave all the frogs in the girl’s swimming pool. The Headmaster goes missing and returns after 2 days and 3 nights. The Independence day functions  are a blast with firecrackers and minor injuries.

The Headmaster announces that Miss Anjali Ramola (who Mr. Oliver secretly admires) is leaving the school to get married. Mr. Oliver is devastated but he feels that it is his fate. Oliver’s wig is taken away by a hawk when he goes swimming to take his mind off things. He resolves not to wear a wig since he does not have anybody to impress anymore. He decides to leave the prep school. It comes as a surprise to Mr. Oliver when Anjali Ramola returns (she was supposed to get married to an IT professional in Bangalore). She reveals that both of them had changed and it was pointless marrying. She also confesses that she likes Mr. Oliver. They are finally engaged and soon get married.

Reshma Karthikeyan

The Secret Garden

 The secret garden isDSC06297 a mind-blowing novel about a little girl, who at first was the most selfish girl in the world. This book is wonderfully written by Frances Hodgson Burnett (1849-1924). I especially liked the parts were Yorkshire English is used even though it was a bit tough to understand. This book gave me a feeling that there is both good and bad in every person.


Mary Lennox was a little girl who had been living in India. She had thin hair and a thin body and her face was yellow because she was always ill in one way or the other. She was the most disagreeable- looking, selfish girl in the world. Even though she had wealthy parents, she was looked after and fed by servants in a separate bungalow. Her parents paid no attention to her, but suddenly when her parents and the servants died due to cholera, she didn’t know that she was going to be alone in the world because she was still a little girl.

Then, Mary was sent to her uncle Archibald craven who had a crooked back and lived in a lonely manor called Misselthwaithe which was situated in the middle of the Yorkshire moors. He always was on long journeys. When Mary reached there, Mrs. Medlock, the housekeeper warned her to keep away from other rooms except her nursery and bedroom. At the manor, Mary met Martha Sowerby, her new maid. At first Mary thought that she could rule Martha and slap her, but later realised that England was not like India. Slowly Mary realised that she had no one to tell stories for her, so she gradually talked with Martha and found her interesting. Mary learned from Martha that the manor was surrounded by beautiful gardens. One garden was locked for ten years since Mrs. Craven’s death. After a while, Mary made gardening her hobby. In one of the gardens, she met ben Weatherstaff and his friend, a robin. Mary liked to play with the robin. One day; the robin led her to a key-the key to the secret garden. Mary kept her discovery of the key a secret just known to her. But when she met Martha’s younger brother Dickson, who was a trustworthy local boy who knew about every animal and plant in the moor, she shared her secret with him. Dickson was also interested in it and they both began to search for the door.

Mary was gradually changing into a beautiful girl with strong hair due to the influence of nature. Mary, who had been the most disagreeable looking girl, changed into a pretty little girl. The days passed beautifully but nights were night, Mary used to hear a cry from somewhere in the house. One such night she decided to find out the person who was crying. To her surprise, she found a boy crying in a room. Mary found that he was her cousin. His name was Colin craven. Mr. Craven hated him because doctors said that Colin would be a hunchback like him. Mary felt pity on him. So she daily visited Colin.

One day when she was playing with the robin she found a door. It was the door to the secret garden. Mary informed Dickson and together they renovated the secret garden. They removed the dead branches and started planting new saplings. Mary shared her secret with colin and kept informing him about the working of nature’s spells in the day; colin expressed his wish to visit the secret garden. So when Mr. Craven was on one of his long journeys, Mary and Dickon carried Colin in a wheel chair with the permission of Mrs. Medlock but asked her not to follow them. Secretly, they went to the magnificent secret garden. Colin loved the garden. Mary understood that Colin had no problem with his back, so she asked him to try to walk. And then with the help of Mary and Dickson and with the blessings of nature, Colin made his first step in life in the secret garden.

Mary, Dickson and Colin went daily to the secret garden and slowly Colin started walking in the garden. One day Ben found out their secret, but he promised that he would keep their secret safe. Slowly, nature changed all the kids thoroughly and Colin started walking and running without anybody’s help.

One day when Mr. Craven came back from his tour and was walking in the gardens, he heard some noise from the other side of the wall. Curiously, he threw open the door to the his surprise, he saw three children playing in a garden locked since ten years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And one of them was his own son Colin!!!!!!!!!!! Seeing his father, Colin ran to him and hugged him. They all were still surprised. Happily, they walked back to the manor.

With the blessings of nature, Mr. Craven got back his son, Colin got back his life, Dickson got new friends and Mary changed completely from the most disagreeable-looking girl to the kindest girl on earth who found out the heavenly garden and changed four lives including hers.

Gouri G. L.