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‘Eleven Best Readers, their Books, and a Library’ (World Book Day Tribute 2020)

A tribute to the reading culture of Kendriya Vidyalaya Pattom on World Book Day 2020 by Eleven wonderful readers who completed their schooling during 2012-2019.

Featuring Salini Johnson Neduvelil, Rakshanya Sekar, Prarthana Manoj, Mukulika Radhakrishnan, Anna Rose Antony, Abhijith Narayanan, Kanchana Manilal, Aajma Manoj, Nyma Nazreen, Meera Nazar and Gouri G. L. (2012-2019).

Face a Book ‘Stay@Home’ Summer Reading Challenge 2020

A special edition of Face a Book Challenge is launched by KV Pattom Library to help the students and staff effectively use their free time gained during the national lockdown put on due to COVID Pandemic, followed by Summer vacation.

Face a Book ‘Stay @ Home’ Summer Reading Challenge is open to students, staff, and alumni of Kendriya Vidyalaya Pattom.

Participants may choose any book of their choice for the programme.

Registration is online. Register now.

There are three tasks that participants could take on together or separately. You may indicate your choice when register online.

  1. If you like to write about the Book, then write a Review and mail it to
  2. If you like to talk about the Book, then record a short video of 1-3 minute duration with your mobile phone and WhatsApp to 9447699724
  3. If you simply like to read and relax, then take a photo/selfie of you reading the Book and WhatsApp to 9447699724

When you send video and photo/selfie on WhatsApp, include your Name & Class.

Selected reviews, videos, and photos will be published on the website and shared widely on Social Media.

Best entries will also get exciting prizes.

Submit your entries on or before 15 May 2020.