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Hans Brinker

P1050984This story is about the Brinker family. There was a boy named Hans Brinker who lived in Broek, Holland with his sister, Gretel, mother, Dame and father, Raff who has a mental problem.
Once it was announced in Broke that there was to be a skating competition on the birthday of Mrs. Van Gleck’s birthday and the winner will gets pair of silver skates. Hans and Gretel really want to participate in the race but are unable because they don’t have proper skates, only wooden ones made by Hans. That’s when Hilda Van Gleck gives them her money to them. But, she has only money enough to buy one pair of skates. Hans and Gretel fight over who is better at skating. Hans says Gretel is better and Gretel says the opposite.

At last, Hans has the skates. On the way he meets the famous Meester (physician) of Holland. Hans asks the Meester if the money he has is enough to treat his father. The Meester is really overcome by Hans’ love for his father that he accepts to treat his father free of charge. Then Hans buys the skates. When the Meester comes to treat Raff, he says that only an operation can cure him, but it may also kill him. After the operation, they waited and saw if he wakes up. When he woke up the happiness in the house was like it had never seen in 10 years. Then came the race in which Gretel won and Hans only lost because he gave his skates straps to Peter van Holp whose straps had broke.

And everyone was happy and in the conclusion of the book, Hans becomes a very famous physician and Gretel becomes a famous singer.

Gayathri Sankar

The Magic of Harry Potter

DSC06314Harry Potter & the Philosopher’s  Stone is the first novel in the Harry Potter series written by J.K.Rowling. The plot follows Harry Potter a young wizard who discovers his magical heritage, as he makes close friends and few enemies in his first year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Harry had been a year old the night that Voldemort -the most powerful dark Wizard for a century, a wizard who had been gaining power steadily for eleven years – arrived at his house and killed his father and mother. Voldemort had then turned his wand on Harry; he had performed the curse that ha disposed off many full grown witches and wizards in his steady rise to power-and incredibly it had not worked. Instead of killing the small boy, the curse had rebounded upon Voldemort. Harry had survived with nothing but a lightning- shaped cut on his forehead, and Voldemort had been reduced to something barely alive. His powers gone, his life almost extinguished , Voldemort had fled ;the terror in which the secret community of witches and wizards had lived for so long had lifted, Voldemort’s followers has disbanded, and Harry Potter has become famous.
It had been enough of a shock for Harry to discover, on his eleventh birthday ;that he was a wizard, it had been even more disconcerting to find out that everyone in the hidden wizarding world knew his name.Harry had arrived to Hogwarts to find that, heads turned and whispers followed him where ever he went.
But at the end of the term he again comes face to face with Voldemort. Voldemort-after eleven years of pain gained some power to posses on others body. He had possessed on professor Quinteus Quirell, Harry’s defense against the dark art teacher. Voldemort wanted the philosopher’s stone which was the elixir of life, kept in Hogwarts. But once again Harry escapes from Voldemort’s grasps. But it was an narrow escape. After three days of unconscious state in hospital Wing, Professor Dumbledore reminds Harry that, Voldemort could not touch Harry because of the care and love of his mother before her death. If one thing Voldemort could not understand in the world, is love. After a year of a lot of fun and unexpected dangers Harry goes back to his uncles house for his three months summer vacation.
Aiswarya S. S.

The Mill on the Floss by George Eliot

51DZR1EQSRLTom and Maggie Tulliver are two kids growing up at Dorlcote Mill, which has been in their family for generations. The kids have a lot of extended family living nearby, and their aunts and uncles frequently come by to argue amongst themselves and to scold Tom and Maggie. The Tulliver kids have a stormy relationship. They spend most of their time getting along really well or else fighting horribly. Maggie in particular is very smart and very emotional and is always getting into trouble.

Two major things are in the works for the Tullivers: school and a lawsuit. Tom and Maggie are both sent to schools and Tom gets a fancy, if useless, education. While at school he meets a deformed boy named Philip Wakem, who is the son of Mr. Tulliver’s arch-nemesis. Mr. Tulliver dislikes Mr. Wakem, a lawyer, since he is involved in a lawsuit against one of Wakem’s clients. Mr. Tulliver loses his lawsuit and things go rapidly downhill for the Tulliver family. They go bankrupt and Mr. Tulliver’s health begins to fail. Mr. Wakem buys the Tulliver family mill, which causes Mr. Tulliver to hate the Wakems even more and to curse them in the family Bible.

After the lawsuit fiasco, the Tulliver kids are forced to leave school and start working. Tom slaves away for one of his uncles and is obsessed with paying off the family debts. Maggie finds comfort in an extreme form of religion, but she later puts that aside in favor of a secret friendship with Philip Wakem, who has been in love with Maggie ever since they first met. Maggie’s passionate nature continues to cause her a lot of emotional distress.

Tom discovers Maggie’s relationship with Philip and forbids her from seeing him again. Maggie is torn but decides that family loyalty comes first. Her relationship with Tom is badly damaged. Shortly after this, Tom manages to pay off the family debts, but the triumph is ruined when Mr. Tulliver attacks Mr. Wakem and then dies shortly afterwards. The Tullivers must move away from the mill.

A few years go by and Maggie returns from a stint as a governess to stay with her cousin Lucy. Tom has worked his way up in his uncle’s business and is now successful. Maggie meets Stephen Guest, Lucy’s boyfriend, and the two quickly fall in love. Philip also returns and Maggie is embroiled in a messy love quadrangle. Eventually, Stephen and Maggie are unable to control their feelings and the two try to elope. But Maggie has a crisis of conscience and leaves Stephen, returning home in disgrace.

Though Maggie reconciles with those closest to her, she is unable to make amends with the judgmental Tom. After a period of intense emotional suffering for Maggie, the local river floods. Maggie goes to rescue Tom and the two reconcile their differences. But Tom and Maggie are drowned in the flood. The other characters all survive and move on with their lives and Tom and Maggie are buried together.

Gopika Krishnan

To Kill a Mockingbird: An Evergreen Classic

DSC06275This classic book is written by Harper Lee. The book revolves around Scout Finch and her small family consisting of her father Mr Atticus Finch who is an advocate in the Maycomb country, Alabama where they live and her big brother Jem Finch. The story starts when, Dill starts to visit them in his each summer vacations. In their colony their lives Boo Radley whom the children are very curious about because nobody knows anything much about him and the elders are hesitant to talk about him and his family. When Jem and Scout return from school they find small gifts in the hollow space of a tree in the Radley’s place.

The problem starts when Atticus is appointed to defend Tom Robinson a black man where he is accused of raping a white girl named Mayella Ewell. Atticus and his family faces many oppositions for defending a black man. Atticus very convincingly proves that Tom Robinson is innocent but the judge gives his verdict in favour of Mayella Ewell. Though proven innocent Mayella’s father finds that nobody believes in them and very angry at Atticus, spits on his face. Tom who is innocent tries to escape from jail and gets shot.

Mayella’s father Bob Ewell as revenge, attacks Jem and Scout while they return from a Halloween night at school. In the fight drunken Bob Ewell dies and the children escape with the help of Boo Radley who comes to their rescue without many injuries. Atticus believes that Jem has killed Bob but the cop who comes to investigate convinces Atticus that Bob fell into his own knife in the struggle.

Boo Radley after taking Scout and Jem to their home safely asks Scout to leave him till his house. After saying good night to Boo Radley she puts herself in the shoes of Boo and understood why he liked to keep to himself and regrets for not repaying him for his gifts.

Aditi Dileep

“Man Proposes and God Disposes”: The Story of King Lear

DSC06322King Lear written by William Shakespeare opens with an introduction to all characters in the story. The king had three daughters; Goneril, Regan and Cordelia. Cordelia was the most adored daughter of the king, she was the apple of his eyes. The lady held a devout reverence and sincere dedication to her father. The eldest daughter Goneril was married to the duke of Albany. His second daughter Regan was married to the duke of Cornwall. The king now had decided to confer all his wealth to his daughters. He made a condition that which daughter would win in expressing her love to her father would get more wealth. Both the elder daughters won 3\4th of the kingdom by telling lies. Cordelia didn’t want to cheat her father so she didn’t gave any reply. The king was immensely shocked. He hated her more than anything; he fixed her marriage with the King of France without asking any consent. He threw her out of palace.

The king was now living with his daughter Goneril. Goneril really didn’t want her father to live with her. One day, one of the Goneril’s servants Oswald misbehaved to King Lear and Lear punished him for that. For this reason Goneril abused her poor old father. He was really shocked to realize that her daughter was cheating him. Then he went to the palace of the Earl of Gloucester, who was also in the same situation of the King Lear. He was told by his second son Edmund that his elder son Edgar wanted to kill him and get his wealth. But really Edgar was not a man like that he was just like Cordelia. Edmund wanted to separate Edgar from his father so that he would be the only heir to the wealth of the Earl of Gloucester, for that only he plays these dirty tricks. The Earl when heard Edgar wanted to kill him, the Earl also reacted like the King, he appointed his soldiers to kill Edgar. When Edgar came to know this he understood that Edmund would have played behind this. He escaped into the forest and disguised as a lunatic.

On the same time, in the palace of Earl of Gloucester the Duke of Cornwall and Regan has come for a visit. When Regan came to know that her sister had done like that she was impressed for her sister’s act. King Lear was thrown out of the palace, but the Earl helped him without the knowledge of Regan and Goneril. Edmund cheated his father and the Earl was punished for that by the Duke of Cornwall. He was made blind and left alone in the forest. Edgar came to help his father and help the King. His father now came to know that he was mistaken and his son was innocent, but it was too late; the Duke of Cornwall was killed by one of the servant’s of the Earl. When Goneril came to know that her sister Regan has became a widow, she announced to arrest the Earl who is now in Cordelia’s palace. He challenged the Prince of France for a war. On the same time in the palace of the Earl of Gloucester, Edmund falls in love with Regan. Goneril was also now in love with Edmund, she wanted to kill her husband the Duke of Albany to get Edmund. With that intension only she planned the war. She arrested Cordelia, King Lear and all his gentlemen. The war was taking place in Dover.

In between the war Goneril came to know about the love in between Regan and Edmund. She planned to kill Regan, at night when Regan came to give her milk, from behind she pierced her sword into Regan’s heart. Then she confirmed that the prey is dead she smiled at her and drank the milk. Suddenly she felt faintness and she fell in the ground. She then started to vomit blood. Then she understood that Regan was also cunning like her, she had also came to kill Goneril, but it happened only what god proposed ‘MAN PROPOSES AND GOD DISPOSES’. Cordelia was hanged as the punishment. The war was won by France and King Lear was also dead on knowing about his daughter’s woe. And it was the end of the great dynasty of King Lear.

Abhirami Devi

House of Cards

DSC06308House of Cards is one among the best books written by Sudha Murty.

Here is a brief summary of the book. Mridula is the daughter of Bheemanna and Rukuma Bai. They live in Aladahalli in North Karnataka. She is a kind hearted and simple girl and has enormous enthusiasm for life and unlimited energy for reading, cooking and sketching and wants to spend every moment of the day fruitfully. Even though she scores a rank in the tenth class, she wants to be a teacher and joins the local government school. When asked whose favourite, she says, “I am Amma’s girl and Appa’s world”. She has an older brother, Krishna.

Sanjay, a doctor, is the son of Ratnamma, a money lender in T Narasipura, works in KEM Hospital Bombay under Dr Chandra. He is a very sincere doctor like his father who was a medical practitioner. He wants to be a gynaecologist. He has a sister Lakshmi who’s married to Shankar, a bank clerk. For Ratnamma, money has more value than thing and for Lakshmi and Shankar, spending is more important than saving.

Sanjay meets Mridula at a marriage in Hubli, then again in Bombay and proposes marriage to her. They get married and move to Bangalore: he joins as a resident in a college to do his post-graduation and Mridula gets transferred to a government school in Bangalore. After getting frustrated in a Government job, Sanjay moves into private practice.

Though, they move up in their socioeconomic status, they drift away from each brings a lot of influence on Sanjay, but Mridula same the old kind hearted, never forgot her old friends.

Mridula had been believing Sanjay blindly and been loving him and their son, Shishir dearly even after his rude behaveir.But at last she finds out that Sanjay had been cheating her financially all these  years. She becomes completely depressed. And finally on their twenty fifth wedding anniversary she moves out of his life.She gets a transfer to the Alladahalli local government school and retuns there. Sanjay suddenly felt empty. He had taken her for granted.

Two moths passed by,
Mridula was swinging on a swing. She is a kind hearted and simple girl and has enormous enthusiasm for life and unlimited energy for reading, cooking and sketching and wants to spend every moment of the day fruitfully. Suddenly someone stopped the swing. She looked back. It was Sanjay.

Neah Sunny

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

DSC06311Here is the summary of the famous book  “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” by William Shakespeare.

Egues was a well respected man in Athens he had a lovely daughter called Hermia . Hermia loved Lysander but Egues wanted her to marry Demetrius . Helena was Hermia’s best friend Demetrius loved Hermia truly but Helena was in love with Demetrius . As her father didn’t allow Hermia to marry Lysander they decided to run away to the woods . Helena knew this and said to Demetrius . the fairy queen had a Indian boy that she loved but the king wanted the Indian boy to make him his slave . But the queen didn’t agree and they had a quarrel . In his anger he sat on a branch . He saw Helena and Demetrius passing by and saw Helena pleading Demetrius to marry her . King understood how much she loved him and decided to make them together . He then remembered a herbal medicine which can make anyone in love with anyone . He called his servant Puck and asked to collect some of it . King made a juice out of it and gave some to puck and asked to pour it into the eyes of a person wearing Athens dress . Puck saw Lysander and thought he is the one who was mentioned by the king . He poured the juice on lysander’s eyes and . Helena came and saw Lysander she didn’t see Hermia because of the darkness she called Lysander and asked where is Hermia . He woke and saw Helena and was in love with her . He went behind Helena . Puck went to king and said he had done the work they saw Lysander pleading  to Helena to marry him king asked him to write the juice on the eyes of the right person . He saw Demetrius  he poured the juice on Demetrius eyes .

Hermia woke up to see that Lysander was no where to be seen . She wandered in search of him . She came to clearing where she saw Demetrius at that moment Lysander and Helena came to the same spot Demetrius woke and saw Helena at firs and became in love with her . There was a big fight between all of them seeing this the fairy king ordered Puck to make them all sleep and make them think all of this was just a dream and make Demetrius love Helena . Puck did as he was told and made them sleep . Through the forest came the king of  Athens married they saw four young people . Egues was with them he at last agreed to Hermia to marry Lysander.

Nicol Theresa Sunny