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“Man Proposes and God Disposes”: The Story of King Lear

DSC06322King Lear written by William Shakespeare opens with an introduction to all characters in the story. The king had three daughters; Goneril, Regan and Cordelia. Cordelia was the most adored daughter of the king, she was the apple of his eyes. The lady held a devout reverence and sincere dedication to her father. The eldest daughter Goneril was married to the duke of Albany. His second daughter Regan was married to the duke of Cornwall. The king now had decided to confer all his wealth to his daughters. He made a condition that which daughter would win in expressing her love to her father would get more wealth. Both the elder daughters won 3\4th of the kingdom by telling lies. Cordelia didn’t want to cheat her father so she didn’t gave any reply. The king was immensely shocked. He hated her more than anything; he fixed her marriage with the King of France without asking any consent. He threw her out of palace.

The king was now living with his daughter Goneril. Goneril really didn’t want her father to live with her. One day, one of the Goneril’s servants Oswald misbehaved to King Lear and Lear punished him for that. For this reason Goneril abused her poor old father. He was really shocked to realize that her daughter was cheating him. Then he went to the palace of the Earl of Gloucester, who was also in the same situation of the King Lear. He was told by his second son Edmund that his elder son Edgar wanted to kill him and get his wealth. But really Edgar was not a man like that he was just like Cordelia. Edmund wanted to separate Edgar from his father so that he would be the only heir to the wealth of the Earl of Gloucester, for that only he plays these dirty tricks. The Earl when heard Edgar wanted to kill him, the Earl also reacted like the King, he appointed his soldiers to kill Edgar. When Edgar came to know this he understood that Edmund would have played behind this. He escaped into the forest and disguised as a lunatic.

On the same time, in the palace of Earl of Gloucester the Duke of Cornwall and Regan has come for a visit. When Regan came to know that her sister had done like that she was impressed for her sister’s act. King Lear was thrown out of the palace, but the Earl helped him without the knowledge of Regan and Goneril. Edmund cheated his father and the Earl was punished for that by the Duke of Cornwall. He was made blind and left alone in the forest. Edgar came to help his father and help the King. His father now came to know that he was mistaken and his son was innocent, but it was too late; the Duke of Cornwall was killed by one of the servant’s of the Earl. When Goneril came to know that her sister Regan has became a widow, she announced to arrest the Earl who is now in Cordelia’s palace. He challenged the Prince of France for a war. On the same time in the palace of the Earl of Gloucester, Edmund falls in love with Regan. Goneril was also now in love with Edmund, she wanted to kill her husband the Duke of Albany to get Edmund. With that intension only she planned the war. She arrested Cordelia, King Lear and all his gentlemen. The war was taking place in Dover.

In between the war Goneril came to know about the love in between Regan and Edmund. She planned to kill Regan, at night when Regan came to give her milk, from behind she pierced her sword into Regan’s heart. Then she confirmed that the prey is dead she smiled at her and drank the milk. Suddenly she felt faintness and she fell in the ground. She then started to vomit blood. Then she understood that Regan was also cunning like her, she had also came to kill Goneril, but it happened only what god proposed ‘MAN PROPOSES AND GOD DISPOSES’. Cordelia was hanged as the punishment. The war was won by France and King Lear was also dead on knowing about his daughter’s woe. And it was the end of the great dynasty of King Lear.

Abhirami Devi

Tales from Shakespeare: The Winter’s Tale

w.taleIn the first part of the story, King Leontes of Sicily is with his beloved wife, Hermione and a dear royal friend from Bohemia, Polixenes. He came from Bohemia to visit his friend. But his repeatedly being with the queen, made the king jealous. He sent his wife to prison. This was seen by the king’s son, Mamillius, who later died of grief. When she was in prison, she gave birth to a girl child. The cruel Leontes sent a royal subject to leave her on a deserted coast of a faraway island. The subject accidently leaves the child on the coast of Bohemia, the country of Polixenes. Then the queen also dies. He then felt regret for his actions.

A shepherd finds the baby. He adopted her and nursed her tenderly. Perdita, the baby, grew up to be a beautiful maiden. The king, Polixenes had a son Florizel. They disguised themselves and visited the shepherds house. Then Florizel sees Perdita and falls in love with her and she him.

Who Perdita really was, was later discovered in the story. In a mad rush of confusion all gets resolved in many ways. And Leontes, along with his daughter, he also got back his wife, who really had not died. Everything ends happily.

Abbey Abraham Mathew


Tales from Shakespeare: A Midsummer Night’s Dream

1774In the story, it is the eve of the marriage of Theseus, the duke of Athens to Hippolyta, the queen of the Amazons. Four young people are important in the story, Hermia, whose father, Egeus has given his word to Demetrius that he may marry her. Then there was another young noble, Lysander, who also is in love with Hermia (and she him), and finally there is Helena, who is a serving girl to Hermia, wasin love with Demetrius.

Then there is a fairy king, Oberon and queen, Titania. They are fussing over a young boy who she is caring for but in Oberon’s point of view, caring too much. And then Oberon, when he is  alone, finds all the four lovers in the forest but separated from each other. Oberon casts love magic on the people who he thinks are lovers. But really they are not. And at last, Demetrius and Helena loved each other and Hermia and Lysander loved each other.

Abbey Abraham Mathew

Tales from Shakespeare: The Tempest

iPad-book-The-TempestProspero, the rightful duke of Milan, has been betrayed and cast off into the open ocean with his young daughter Miranda. Their boat comes to an island where they live for many years in safety. The people who betrayed him, his brother Antonio, Alonso the King of Naples, Ferdinand Alonso’s son and others had gone to a wedding in N. Africa and on their way home, Prospero magically brings their ship to his island. Prospero, when he was in his country, gave his political powers to his brother and pursued his studies, i.e. magic and the occult. With the powers he learned, he had freed a spirit from the witch Sycorax, who had died. The spirit, whose name was Ariel, became a slave to Prospero. Prospero also enslaved a monster called Caliban, whose mother was Sycorax. Ferdinand gets separated from the others and meets Miranda, who falls in love with Ferdinand, the innocent and decent son of Alonso. Ahead in the story, all ends well, Prospero is to be reinstalled the duke of Milan, the brothers reconcile, Miranda and Ferdinand will marry and the spirit Ariel is to be freed from Prospero’s control and Caliban is also to be freed to be his nasty self.

Abbey Abraham Mathew