FaB Challengers, teachers and parents may add their testimonials for the programme here in the comment box.

In the testimonial, you may briefly write about how you enjoyed the programme, how you spent your vacation with books, how the programme helped you to sharpen your reading, writing and presentation skills.
Your testimonials will help the project team to record the effectiveness of the programme and thereby improve its content and execution.


Here are some testimonials received by e-mail.

FAB which was ought to be a challenge, was not really so for me. It was like going on an adventure where I was able to experience many things. This challenge strengthened my friendship with books and boosted my vocabulary, Good Books also shows that they are not mere fiction but a mirror held on real life experiences. They also change the way we view things I thank Faisal Sir for introducing such a challenge which was absolutely enjoyable.Abhaumika Bijudith

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies, the man who never reads lives only one.” I consider myself extremely lucky to have participated in all the three editions of Face A Book: The Reading Challenge. FaB was indeed a fabulous experience, which brought out the creativity inside in me. I thoroughly enjoyed each process, and I hope to join all further editions of FaB.Gouri G. L.

I participated in fab last year for the first time.Because of participating in it i was benefitial in many ways , I was able to know about new authors , their writings etc.while doing little books i came to know more deep about the books.reading helps to know about the traditions and customs of different countries.the children like us who only reads the textbooks got refreshment from this.it was able to make my holidays the best than others.-Bhavana Ajith

I am indeed very proud to be a FAB challenger because it is really a nice programme which encourages young readers and make us more familiar with the charachters , author and other information on the book.-Bhagya Ajith

I declare after all there is no enjoyment like reading! How much sooner one tires of any thing than of a book! — When I have a house of my own, I shall be miserable if I have not an excellent library. Yes for me the fab challenge organised by my school library was not at all a challenge whereas from my point of view it was the top destination for anyone who wants to express their  love for books . It not only helped us to create a good reading habit but also it helped us to improve our writing skills creativity , confidence etc. It gave us a motivational friend  for the whole year and thus I thank Faisal sir as well  as the school for creating such a great opportunity for us to read , learn , write and have a lot of fun at maximum level…-Anagha Anil




4 thoughts on “Testimonials”

  1. I entered FAB challenge out of pure love for reading . Otherwise it was not what 12th grade science stream students are advised to do. FAB combined two of my favorite things, one was reading and the other was creating. I took up Markus Zusak’s ‘ I am the messenger’ and thoroughly enjoyed the challenge. I even wrote a letter addressed to Mr Zusak but I am yet to receive a reply But it was fun, writing the letter , posting it along with my friends , staying up late to complete the scrap book due to the heavy science schedule.You are going to love it . All you need is a love for words and a vast imagination.


  2. ‘Reading maketh a full man, conference, a ready man and writing, an exact man’. Reading, followed by writing and conference was, in my opinion, Face a Book, the reading challenge, a mission to make us all full, ready and exact. In the challenge, we could make a book, our year long friend. I thank our Faisal sir for creating such a good oppurtunity for us to read, learn and have a lot of fun..


  3. This was a challenging vacation. Reading, Thinking, Writing & Creating. Reading is fun. The challenge was preparing the little book. Learnt a lot new things. Thoroughly enjoyed it.


  4. fab has been a really fun and exciting for the 2 years i hav been in.i got to know about many books,i got to see many many small books of creativity made for each of the challenger’s books,got many friends and all of this made a community..
    go fab go!! 🙂


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