What a fantastic programme!  No wonder the children I met at the school that day are such good readers, given your able stewardship of their reading habits. 

And, of course, I’m exceedingly pleased to see ‘Ancient Promises’ up there with so many great books.
Best wishes to you and the children,

Jaishree Misra

(Author of Ancient Promises, Accidents Like Love and Marriage, Afterwards, Rani, Secrets and Lies, A Scandalous Secret and A Love Story for My Sister.  (Author website: )


Dear Mr Faisal,

Thank you very much for your mail. Good to hear from you and what a wonderful summer reading programme! Loved it. Every library should foster reading and make it an exciting experience. Congratulations on having taken the initiative to think up something like this. I’m sure this programme will be hugely successful  – I went through the plan, visited the project website; all the little details seem to be taken care of. I don’t have anything to add, except my congratulations and good wishes to all involved in the project. 

I remember with pleasure the time spent with the students of KV, Pattom, during the inter active sessions I had with them in the library; they impressed me as vibrant, intelligent, well read and very involved in the programme. 

And of course I’m delighted that Goal, Butterfingers! is one of the fifty books chosen for the programme and that it was a favourite choice. I will definitely keep pace with the updates – look forward to that.

I wish the students great fun as they embark on this literary journey. Good luck, happy reading and keep reading! 

Warm regards and best wishes,


Khyrunnisa A.

(Ms Khyrunnisa created the popular comic character Butterfingers for the children’s magazine, Tinkle and her Butterfingers stories appear in that magazine. The Butterfingers series of books, published by Penguin (Puffin), began in 2010 with Howzzat Butterfingers!, her first children’s novel. It was followed by Goal, Butterfingers! in 2012 and Clean Bowled, Butterfingers! in 2015. The latest book in the series is The Misadventures of Butterfingers, released in 2016. (Author website:



Dear Mr Faizal,

This is just to let you know that I was extremely happy to see “Homecoming” on your 50 books program. I’m particularly happy about this because I am an alumnus of KV Pattom: I passed out in 1976.

With best wishes to you, your library, and your school.

Shashi Warrier

(Author of The Homecoming, Hangman’s Journal, Sniper, The Girl Who Didn’t Give Up, Night of the krait, The Orphan and Noordin’s Gift)


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