The mother I never knew…the real challenge

No automatic alt text available.I was searching for some good books to read and got this- “the mother I never knew”. Without having a second thought,I chose this book as the cover and the title reminded me of my mother.The mother I never knew is a set of two novella penned by Mrs.Sudha Murthy. The theme of the novella is a journey to the past by two men named Venkitesh and Mukesh who are not linked to each other. Both of them are searching their mother they never knew they had. This book explores the complex human emotions and empathises us with the prime mover’s agony.



FaB4 concludes

Face a Book Challenge, Edition 4 (2017-’18), concluded on 24 February 2018. The best performers and other Challengers received certificates and books from Shri.  S. Ajayakumar, Principal.


  1. Kalyani Santhosh, 9C
  2. Meera Nair, 9 C
  3. Suryasree, 9C
  4. Poorna Jayalal, 10D
  5. Aishwarya Pradeep, 9A


  1. Bhavya V., 6D
  2. Neeraja Unnikrishnan, 7A
  3. Ananya B, 9C
  4. Binisha Robert, 9C
  5. Vaishnavi Vinod, 9 A
  6. Gayathri Sankar, 10 D
  7. Kavya Priya S. 10B
  8. Nandana V L, 10 B
  9. Nayana V. L., 10 B
  10. Aleena Mary Emby, 10 C
  11. Arshia V., 10 C
  12. Ashifa S. S. 10 D
  13. Lekshmi Deyal, 10. D
  14. Gopika Krishnan, 8 D


  1. Smt. L. Jayalakshmi, TGT, English
  2. Smt. Valsalakumari C R., PGT, Physics
  3. Smt. Ashadevi, PGT, PGT, Geography

Challenge a Reader, Challenge a Leader.